WASP's Costumes from OtherWhen to ElsePlace.
(from other times, alternative universes and realities)

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whatif03.gif Jun 1977 - What If...? Vol. 1 #3: "What if The Avengers had never been?" - A Gil Kane/Klaus Janson's Masterwork! The Iron-Wasp! And in the same issue Iron-Man, Iron-Giant and Iron-Rick vs Hulk and Namor the Sub-Mariner. A must see!


Oct 2003- Paradies X: A - Janet is dead, and in the lando of the dead colors are different, and so is the costume, in particular the helm and the canisters on the belt.


Mcff_1.gif Jul 2000  - Marvel Comics: Fantastic Four #1 - How are the super-heroes printed from the Marvel Comics IN the Marvel Universe? Here is the answer for the Wasp: with a costume different from the "real" one.
Whatd-05.gif Jul 1989 - What the... #5 - Bulk meets the Man with the pizza on the head and... the power of the merchandising of the Bulk's image involves also the Avengers, or the Bulk-Avengers?
Wi2-070.gif Feb 1995 - What if... vol.2 #70 (What if...the Silver Surfer had not betrayed Galactus?) - ...then would not have happened good things to the world. Did you ever saw a Watcher annihilated? Or Thor defeated? Or Silver Surfer exploding? Ok, don't read this issue!

The costume recalls the one on the cover of the Official Index to the Avengers #3 but is slightly different.

The "What if" timeline and the "616" timeline are quite coherent. The only differences are the Wasp's costume and the Giant-Man's costume, red-blue instead of the yellow-blue one.

Oct 1988 - What if... vol.1 #29: What if the Avengers defeated everybody? - Janet and Hank would have married but as civilian, after the Avengers had disassembled.

I'm not sure if this is Janet's wedding dress...

Unacs04.gif Mar 1998 - Unlimited Access #4 - Is she the Wondrous Wasp? No, she is the WONDER WASP! The amalgam of Wasp and Wonder Girl. One of the incredible versions of super-heroes created by the marketing project of the two "major" of comics in USA. 


Jun 1997 - Exciting X-Patrol - Another Amalgam version of Janet Van Dyne. In this universe she is Elasti-Girl of X-Patrol, she can expand and shrink and does not have Wasp powers.
Whatif42.gif Dec 1983 - What if... vol.1 #42: "What if Susan Richards died in childbirth" - Wasp appears in one cartoon, only. All the Avengers are watching the TV telling about Susan Richards' death, while she was giving birth to her son. The costume is probably the classic red/blue-black one, with wrong colours.

The Avengers formation: Captain America, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Giant-Man (in his yellow/blue costume) and Wasp. The Black Widow in costume is with them, too, and some panels after Hercules appears and without beard. Approximately this formation was active during Avengers #45, but Franklin Richards was born in Fantastic Four #76, a year later, in the Earth-616 timeline.

N ov 1999 - Domination Factor: Avengers#1 - Probably mis-colored, this costume should have been orange/blue, as shown in Avengers#49/50.
It is also similar to the one used in another timeline in The Age of Sentry#6.

In an alternate timeline, the Avengers have to fight Magneto at the U.N. Palace.

Unix04.gif Jan 2001 - Universe X #4 - It's difficult to place this episode in the Earth-X continuity: the death of the Avengers, and on Wasp too, killed by Crusher Creel! The formation was: Giant-Man, Wasp, Hawkeye, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and Vision, the only survivor.

The costume is quite different from the ones used by Janet in the same period in the Earth-616 timeline.

Whatd--.gif Feb 1968 - Not Brand Ecch #6 - Peter Parker marries his first wife, and she isn't Mary Jane Watson! She is the best choice for an human spider: THE WISP! 
Nbe008.gif Jun 1968 - Not Brand Ecch #8 - A tiny appearance of Wisp in the first, splash page of the issue. But thanks to Robert Bradley and his scan... another (surely miscoloured) costume is here!
Nbe011h.gif Dec 1968 - Not Brand Ecch #11 - A cameo appearance of WISP, on the first page of the story.

The colours of the costume are all grays, but it is similar to the green one on Avengers #53/54, so it was probably copied from that one.

Aveul03a.gif Aveul03b.gif

Oct 1995 - Avengers/Ultraforce #3- Another universe, another past, another Wasp, another BLACK WIDOW! Pérez, Pérez, Pérez!


Aveul03c.gif Oct 1995 - Avengers/Ultraforce # 3- The same previuos story but another alternative Wasp? Just for an instant Janet/Black Widow sees another Janet with a costume which is a mix of Ant-Man's, Yellowjacket's and Spider-Man's costumes. Only the superior part of it was shown.
Sb_tu01a.gif Sb_tu01b.gif


199? - Spider-Boy Team-Up #1 Five Ladybugs in a time (thanks to Zeichman)!

These are the Wasp's versions in the Amalgam Universe and her name is Salu Van Dyne. She is  a member of the Legion of the Galactic Guardians 2099.

The only Ladybug I found on Italian comic books was the fifth one, on an advertsing page inside another comic book.


Oct 1997 - Avengers vol. II #12 - Heroes Reborn - Another universe again! Mmmh, I didn't like that storyline, but I read so few stories... However, the costume is very interesting. How many particulars! It wasn't so easy to draw, believe me.

nc08.gif nc08b.gif

1999? - Avengers the TV Series - Scans found on the Internet, but I have never watched any episode.

2007 - Avengers Marvel Heroes Adventures#1, #6, #7/15, #20, #22, #23, Marvel Adventures Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes#1 - A costume with the colors and the initial of a Wasp. 

Mutxa99.gif 1999 - Mutant X # Annual 1999 - Thanks to 2 contributes by the generous Zeichman, the Yellowjacket costume worn by Janet in the "SixVerse" is here! 
May 1982 - Fantastic Four: Roast - Fred Hembeck and a lot of fantastic artists show the celebration for the Fantastic Four 30th anniversary.
Wi2-051a.gif Wi2-051b.gif

Jul 1993 - What if...? Vol.2 #51: "What if... the Punisher became Captain America?" - Short appearance of Wasp, among the Avengers where Captain America was Frank Castle.

Two costumes, identical in shape, and very similar to the red-blue-white classic one with the stinger on the chest.

Wif035c.gifWif035f.gif Wif035d.gifWif035g.gif Wif035e.gif

Oct 1982 - What if...? Vol.1 #35/3: "What if...Yellowjacket had died?" - Here comes the Black Wasp! Yellowjacked dies in mission and Janet leaves the Avengers! 

Two costumes in the story, the second one is a  dark version of a well-known W-shaped classic costume. 

Thanks to Proto-Man of the Masters of the Obscure for the scans of the Janet's outfits in the issue. Go here for a summary of the history.

Auth014.gif Jun 2000 - The Authority #14 Wildstorm Productions - A Wasp of another comicverse! And other, more cruel, cinic versions of the Avengers! But they are not the stars of the issue, they must fight The Authority.

Thanks to Zeichman for the suggestion.  


Nov 2000 - Gambit #22 - Fontanelle is walking through the dimensions, and meet one where the First Son/First Sun is battled by several super-heroes, with Wasp between them.

A very simple costume for Janet, and a strange brown skin for her? Miscoloring? Is she indian or asiatic/middle-oriental? Or she is simply bronzed?

Mangav2.gif Mangav3.gif

2001 - Mangaverse - Is it an experiment? Another What if...? A marketing plan to attract the interests of manga-readers? The new line of the Marvel Japan? I don't know. I saw just three images of this universe and the graphic results are good.
In this universe the Wasp is a scientist working for the Stark Enterprises studying for a flying device: the Winged Amplification Surge Plasma.

Avejla0.gif Avejla0c.gif 198?/2003 - Avengers/Justice League - Lots of un-printed B/W tables of the original crossover and an old illustration by Pérez are relative to these two costumes. The second one was remaked and used in Avengers/Jla #3 with different colours.
Ci-050c.gif 1999 - Comics Interview #50 Cover - Probably the first unofficial cover about the crossover between Avengers and JLAers. Offiacially, it is only the cover of Comics Interview 50. 
Wiz105.gif 2000? - Wizard #105 (Last Man Standing) - From a wonderful "big" panel drawn by George Pérez. The super-action scene involves several heroes belonging to the Avengers and to the JLA groups. Was it only an hypotetical match, or George had an idea, yet, of the "major" crossover he's working for, now? 
Avejlapr.gif 2001 - Avengers/Justice League Promo - The ultimate cross-over is here! I don't know if the story is the same never printed years ago, but I know it will be another of the many Pérez masterworks. The Wasp's costumes on the promo images (or covers?) are very different from the one drawn years and years ago (see above).
Avejla5.gif 2002 - Avengers Justice League double splash page (or poster?) - This time, the artist is Geoff Isherwood, and the theme is the Avengers/JLA meeting. Great art, and a beautiful Wasp's costume with an optimal choice of the colours.
Avejla3.gif 2002 - Avengers/Justice League preview double splash page - And this double table willl be part of the story. Lots of Avengers and JLAers are fighting a famous 5-tentacles enemy.
Wctcp03.gif 2003 - Wizard World Texas Official 2003 Convention Program Cover - Of course I never saw this "program" in Italy, and I never went to thi socnvention, but on the 'net we can fine lots of things, an also a little scan of the cover. It was drawn by George Pérez, of course, because the cover theme is: Avengers/JLA!

Note: the costume is very similar to the one drawn on the remake of a double splash page, you can find it just a bit above...  

Avejla4.gif 2003 - Avengers Justice League #1/2 - This is the official costume of the cross-over, slightly different but basically same previous one.
Avejla3b.gif Avejla6c.gif Avejla3f.gif 2003 - Avengers Justice League #3 - Wasp appears with 6 different costumes and 1 night clothes! But only 3 of them were unprinted.
Avejla4e.gif 2003 - Avengers Justice League #4 - The previuos record is wiped away by Pérez: 11 different costumes and 4 of them in just one page!

The only original costume is this, and remembers the one used in the Avengers/JLA promo (see above).

Ulti-01.gif 2002 - The Ultimates #1 - The Ultimateverse expands his horizons, including the ultimate version of the Avengers. I didn't read the stories, but Brian Hitch is a great artist, and his Wasp (oriental-like) is sexy and  tough!
Ultt-01.gif 2004 - Ultimates Two #1 - Of course, in the second season of the Ultimates Avengers, Wasp changes her costume. Could this be different? Note the black/yellow stripes on the chest, that recalls the stripes of a real wasp.
Exi-031.gif Oct 2003 - Exiles #31/32 - A vampiric version of Wasp, assembled to other evil Avengers, fought by the Exiles. In this world, Wasp is more powerful than in the Marvel Universe world because she was infected by the King of Vampires in persona: Captain America!
Exi-049.gif Set 2004 - Exiles #49 - Who could conceive the "Paper Doll Avengers"? The Impossible Man, of course, in an alternate reality where he can shapeshift everything and everyone.

Note as even in worlds separated from entire dimensions, the costumes could be similar. This one is almost equal to the one seen in Exiles #31.

Exi-052.gif Nov 2004 - Exiles #52 - We don't know the actual battlename of Janet Van Dyne in this reality, because the costume recalls the Yellowjacket's one. Janet is astonished at seeing the Avenger's new tecnical advisor: Doctor Doom!
Ca4-019.gif Ca4-020.gif Dec 2003 - Captain America Vol.4 #19/20 - When Captain America was found in the Artic Sea, he awakened and saw... a group on Nazists? And the USA are led by the Red Skull? And Bucky isn't dead? And in the resistance forces there are Bruce Banner, Henry Pym, Ben Grinn, Peter Parker and Janet Van Dyne and many other well-known names?
Earthx01.gif Apr 1999 - Earth X#1 - I don't have all the chapters of the saga, but I know enought to say that this isn't a costume, it is a robot! I saw the same armor-suit in an awesome table from Avengers Forever drawn by Carlos Pacheco, but it wasn't identical. Also seen in Paradise X#0
Sm&pp03.gif Mar 2007 - Spider-Man & Power Pack #3 - We are in the middle of the Civil Wards, and we can see Wasp drawn by Chris Giarrusso playing in the Stark Park. 
Dec 2005 - Weapon X: Days of Future Now#4 - In a closed looptime not generated by a dystopic alternate reality, the non-mutant superheroes will be banished on the moon by the Sentinels. The heroes and Wasp will attack one of the Sentinels' headquarters and will be betrayed and slaughtered. 
Apr/May 2007 - Fantastic Four: The End #2 - Spider-Kid, Beetle Boy and Wasp: The Bug-Squad! But she is not Janet Van Dyne, she is Janet and Hank Pym's daughter. Spider-Kid, Beetle Boy and Wasp: The Bug-Squad!
Ffte05.gif Ffte06.gif Apr/May 2007 - Fantastic Four: The End #4/5 - A furure where the human race has been isolated in its own solar system by the other alien races. Still, someone wants Reed Richard's secrets and the Avengers fight for saving the human race.

Lastave.gif 1995 - The Last Avengers Story - Copied by an illustration found on Internet (the second cover of the issue).


Feb 2002 - Marvel Universe Millennial Visions 2001 - In the future of the 26th century, a new roster of the Avengers will be assembled. Alongside Thor, Hercules, Tatiana Maximoff, Thaddeus Stark, Tannan Six will also be Deva Van Dyne as Wasp!


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