(...or: help me to find these Wasps)

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I have been drawing Wasp's costumes since 1997, and I have been looking for new costumes until now. I found lots of little stories, forgotten issues, alternative covers, where Wasp appeared in, and thanks to many readers of the original issues, I was able to draw some costumes never seen in Italy, too. But I still don't have ALL the stories!

So, in this page, I ask help to all the readers, a help for archiving all the Wasp's appearances, either in costume or not, and a request for a little scan of a panel or a part of the table in which Janet is (in costume or not).

The list of the missing issues is here.

Marvel Super Special #1
Captain America #237
Marvel Comics Presents #160 - 4th story
Marvel Super Heroes vol.3 #9 - 1st story
Damage Control vol.2 #3
Impossible Man Summer Vacation Spectacular #1 - 4th story