WASP's Costumes from 1982 to 1984
(From the separation from Hank to the Secret Wars)

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Ffo243.gif Jun 1982 - Fantastic Four#243/244 - Fundamental events in these stories for the Marvel Universe. The Terrax' return. The Galactus' return but most important: his defeat at the hands of the Earth's heroes united! And more: the creation of a new herald. (One of) The highest peak in the quality of Byrne's production of the Fantastic Four: thank you John! And thanks for this very pretty red costume for Wasp.Note: despite the issue date, both the Marvel Chronology Project and the Avengers Chronology by Bob Fronzack put this story after Avengers#218 and before Avengers#219.
Ave219a.gif ave219b.gif May 1982 - Avengers#219 - Sometime Janet forgets her dresses with instable molecules and the result is... flying naked! But she cannot stay without a new costume for a long period of time, and so... wears a costume of another world! Yes, because in this stories Wasp and some other Avengers were on a planet governed from Moon-Dragon's mind.
Ave220c.gif Ave220b.gif Jun 1982 - Avengers#220 Cover - The first costume is on the cover. It probably is the same swimsuit that appears by the end of the story (the second costume). In this issue Wasp shows a new power: her right swing.
Avea11c.gif Avea11.gif 1982 - Avengers Annual#11 - Nebulon and ... The Avengers vs the Defenders? Have I missed something? Yes I miss the story! It was never printed in Italy (thanks Fonzie, for the scans). And why the costume on the cover has different colours from the one in the story?
Ave221a.gif ave221b.gif Jul 1982 - Avengers#221 - Artists: Bob Hall and Brett Breeding. The Avengers are looking  for new members, and Wasp wants more women in the group. And after the titanic battle against Fabian Stankovicz in his armor the choice is... She-Hulk!!! Plus Hawkeye!
Ave223.gif Sep 1982 - Avengers#223 - Thanks to Brian and Susan for the scan of the unique cartoon of the story showing Wasp. The costume has probably the same model of the one used in Avengers#201 but with very different colours. 
Oct 1982 - Avengers#224 - "Evening suit" or "Battle dress"? The former, I guess, given that no criminals were met during the date between Tony Stark and Janet, love is in the air! Janet is eager to kiss Tony at the Luna Park, he won a puppy bear for her.
Ave226c.gif Dec 1982 - Avengers#226 Cover - This costume is only on the cover, the costume in the story is the classic red/blue/white. So it's probably an error in the coloring. The story is a fill-in. The Black Knight (Dane Whitman) and the Doctor Druid appeared for two episodes. Note that they will meet again in the future... in the Avengers (!) during the Stern/Buscema/Palmer run.
Aleff-a.gif Aleff-c.gif Aleff-d.gif 1985 - The Aladdin Effect - Graphic Novel - Thanks to the Marvel Chronology Project I can put the story in this point. The original costume is the second, and the first, too. The third one was bad-copied/coloured from an existing one. 
Viz&s2-3.gif Jan 1983 - Vision & Scarlet Witch Vol. 2#3 - Beautiful storyline telling important events in the Wanda and Vision's history. Appearances of Robert Frank and Nuklo, Bova and Modred and... Magneto. In the third part of the series appears Janet too, with a costume recalling the classic red/blue, but with slightly different colours.
Feb 1983 - Marvel Two-in-One#96 - Wasp and a lot of other Super-Heroes defends the Thing, at the hospital for recovering from the injuries bcause of the match against Champion.
Ave227.gif Jan 1983 - Avengers#227 - Bob Hall pencils the Henry Pym's kidnapping from the Masters of Evil.
Mar 1983 - Incredible Hulk#281 - A mis-coloured or modified version of the classic blue/white asymetric Pérez costume.
Ihu283c.gif Ihu284c.gif May/Jun 1983 - Incredible Hulk#283 Cover and #284 Cover - Incredible Hulk#283 Cover and #284 Cover - Incredible Hulk#283 Cover, Incredible Hulk #283 and Incredible Hulk#284 Cover
The cover penciler was Al Milgrom, the issue's penciler was Sal Buscema. The cover costumes were probably mis-coloured versions of the costume in the story.
Jul 1983 - Incredible Hulk Annual#12/Incredible Hulk#285 - The Avengers ask to Hulk, driven by Banner's mind, to rejoin to the Avengers, but the green scientist refuses!

The first is a bad copy of a classic costume, probably bad-recalled by Bruce Banner's memories. Rather similar to the costume used in Avengers Annual#12.
The second is another mis-coloured version, very similar to the ones in the previous Hulk issues.

Ave228a.gif Feb 1983 - Avengers#228 - Super Hero on trial! Thor sees Janet off at the Henry Pym's trial, a very hard "trial" for her and all the Avengers. But at the fourth day of the trial, the Masters of Evil led by Egghead attack the tribunal and free Henry Pym!
Ave229a.gif ave229b.gif Mar 1983 - Avengers#229, Avengers#229/232 - Hank Pym prisoner of the Egghead's Masters of Evil, but he's not finished. The Avengers goes to rescue him and find the criminals... defeated. Hawkeye must stop Egghead who was trying to kill Hank Pym... but Clint strikes before and kills the evil! Artists: Al "Marvel Style" Milgrom and Joe "my favourite Marvel Style inker" Sinnot.
Avea12c.gif Avea12.gif Jan 1984 - Avengers Annual#12 - This story was never printed in Italy, so I only have the cover of the annual and a good scan sent me by Fonzie Mendoza. At the left you can see the differences between the costumes. Moreover, according to the list of Wasp's appearance, this story happens in the middle of Avengers#232, in spite of the date of the issue, and I don't know how to chronologically place it.
Ave232b.gif Jun 1983 - Avengers#232, Avengers#233 Cover - Used in the last part of the story, the costume appears on the cover of the following issue ù. Probably it is the same costume used in #235.
Ave233.gif Jul 1983 - Avengers#233/234 - Artists Al Milgrom & Joe Sinnot after... John Byrne?

Starfox! The Avengers vs the Annihilus' barrier around the Fantastic Four's base! 

2005 - She-Hulk vol.2#3 - Technically it is a flashback and it should be placed in the year 2005! But it is stated that this costume comes from the past, in the period in which Hawkeye had a broken leg, so I can place it here.
Ave234c.gif Ave234b.gif Aug 1983 - Avengers#234 - Hey, Janet is a stylist! And she is so prevident to make most of her models with unstable molecules. The blue is my favourite colour and with this dress it matches very well. The first costume only appears on the cover. It is similar to the classic yellow/orange but has some little differences.
Hwk-04c.gif Aug? 1983 - Hawkeye#4 (of 4) Cover - But never printed in Italy. I have only a very little scan of the cover: Hawkeye lies in a bier, surronded by Wasp and other Avengers.

Aug 1983 - Thor#334 - A very little apparition of Wasp, with a pretty sexy costume. The pink suits very well on her, doesn't it?

Janet lends a Quinjet to Thor and Lady Sif

Ave235.gif Sep 1983 - Avengers#235 - Simply and efficient. Was Al Milgrom the first penciler? I think so. Probably this is a bad copy of the costume in Avengers#232. Another slightly different version is seen in a flashback on ROM #53, surely wrong, because in that month Janet was on the Beyonder's world with another very different costume. Also seen in a panel of Marvel Age Annual #1.
Ave236cb.gif Ave236a.gif Oct 1983 - Avengers#236/237 - Purple and red costume on the cover and in the final part of the story. Does she want to become the new Scarlet Witch? Beautiful boots and nice skirt. But also beautiful the yellow dress worn in the initial part of the issue. Guest star: Spider-Man!
Ave238b.gif Dec 1983 - Avengers#238 - Is it the previous one with some errors of the colorist? Or Janet has two models of this costume with different colours (not so unprobable)? Battle against Rhino, Moonstone, Blackout and Electro! And Spider-Man is there!
Ca1-289a.gif Jan 1984 - Captain America#289 - The Roxxon Oil is preparing to conquer the world! They are so sure to win that they attack the Avengers in their mansion with dimensional projectors... unoperating!?
Ave240c.gif Ave240.gif Feb 1984 - Avengers#240 Cover, Avengers#240/245, Marvel Super Heroes#1/12, Spider-Man and the Secret Wars#4 - The first costume only appeare on the cover. The second one appeared in many many stories of the Avengers, but I studied it from Secret Wars. First penciler... Al Milgrom, probably. Secret Wars penciler: Mike Zeck.
Pp1-089.gif Apr 1984 - Peter Parker vol.1#89 - Probably the same previos costume with an error in the coloration. Or the same basic model but with different colours.




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