WASP's Costumes from 1991 to 1996.
(from the "death" in Infinity Gauntlet to Onslaught)

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Ave332.gif May 1991 - Avengers#332 - Very hard to draw: only one panel where the costume was visible.
On the cover, Janet seems to wear a different, green costume, probably the one used in Avengers West Coast#69.
Aug 1991 - Damage Control vol.3#3 - Different colours but same classic costume already seen in Avengers West Coast#59/60.
Wca072.gif Jul 1991 - Avengers West Coast#72/74 - The Pacific Overlords again! A backview of the costume.
Avea20.gif Jun-Jul 1991 - Avengers Annual#20 - She doesn't appear in the story but in a cartoon in another page of the issue. But I'm not sure that the costume belongs to that period of time and it could be totally invented by Ron Lim.
Wca074c.gif Sep 1991 - Avengers West Coast#74 Cover - Note that the story inside the issue shows Janet still wearing the previous violet costume. An error of the penciler (Tom Morgan if I remember well)?
Ave340.gif Oct 1991 - Avengers#340 - I found the first appearance of this costume thanks to Brian and Susan, who sent me some scans of the issue. The same costume also appears in Avengers #345 (with white boots) and in a balloon of Captain America#400 (2nd story) of May '92. So I think that Janet used this costume till that story and then changed to the following one. The other possibility is that she reciprocated the two costumes during the "Operation". Hypothesis: this costume IS the costume on the cover (see Jan '90) but re-coloured.

A backview of the costume.

Wca081.gif Apr 1992 - West Coast Avengers#81/82 - The Avengers must confront with enemies coming from all the universe, in the space and on the Earth: the Shi'Ar Imperial Guard (with lots of new characters), the Kree StarForce, pawns of the Supreme Intelligence, and the Star Jammers, too. But... what is the nexus between the Mar-Vell's tomb and the Nega-Bomb?

The costume was also used in Avengers West Coast Annual#8.

May 1992 - West Coast Avengers#83 - An old villain from the Golden Age is back!

The costume is a classic red/black-stinged one washed too many times!

Ffo367.gif Jul? 1992 - Fantastic Four#367 - Infinity war! Lots of super-heroes must fight their "dopplegangers" created by the Magus. But wasn't he dead? 
Infwar2.gif Jul 1992 - Infinity War#2, #4 - Infinity war!   

From Infinity War#2.

Ffo368.gif Jul/Aug? 1992 - Fantastic Four#368 - Oops! I thought these stories were authorized by the Comics Code. Is the Wasp's costume authorized, too?
Infwar3.gif Aug 1992 - Infinity Wars #3 - Another or the same costume? Gamma Bombs, Eternity in cathatonic state and lots of dopplegangers at the attack! The situation is a little, little bad.
Sep 1992 - Iron Man#284 - Tony Stark is dead!

This costume is probably the identical model of the one used in West Coast Avengers#55/62 but with green tones.
Im-285.gif Oct 1992 - Iron Man#285 - After some months from the end of "Operation Galactic Storm" Janet wears the same costume but with different colours. This time she is with dr. Pym, Hawkeye end the Living Lightning confronting with Iron Man in the Tony Stark's funeral day!?
Im-286c.gif Im-286b.gif Nov 1991 - Iron Man#286 - The story continues here and continues the colour changing, too, on the cover and in the issue.

Fortunately, the bad guys (Spymaster II, Blacklash, Blizzard III and Beetle) break the fight "AWC vs Mini-Iron Man" and are beaten by the heroes.
Dtvven.gif Mar 1993 - Deathtrap: The Vault. - The Avengers and Freedom Force versus lots of superfoes who are escaping from the Vault. Not an easy situation to deal with. The final confrontation: the heroes vs the villains of the Vault.
ALL THE COSTUMES! 1993 - Uncanny X-Men Annual#7. - Wasp doesn't appear, but most of (probably all) her costumes were stolen by the Impossible Man!
Tta9412a.gif Tta9412b.gif Tta9412c.gif Dec 1994 - Tales to Astonish/1994 - Snow. Cold. A fugitive refuges in a cave and finds a magic artifact which transforms him in a Nordic God with great powers. Are you sure you know the whole story? I'm not. Note: the black/white costume is wonderful!
Asm416a.gif Asm416b.gif

Oct 1996 - Amazing Spider-Man#416 - Peter Parker remembers these costumes in two different flashbacks. I don't know if the costume actually appeared in any issue, but in one of the balloon, behind Janet, there is Giant-Man in his red costume that belongs to the period nov'93/sep'96. 

Ave379b.gif Oct 1994 - Avengers#379 - A very simple costume, in this Gian-Man min-series in the regular series.

A very important thing happens in the #381, for the second time in her life, Janet becomes Giant-Wasp.

Wasp from Avengers#379.
Ave382c2.gif Jan 1995 - Avengers#382 cover of the 2nd story - Cover by Pérez. The "real" cover is bigger and made by 4 parts. The cover showing Wasp is the 4th piece (bottom/right), the other three covers are on issues #379/381 and Janet appears in all the issues, so the real date could be Oct '94.

Note: the issue is unprinted in Italy but the cover of the#382 only appeared, and the costume was coloured green and not yellow.

Wasp from Avengers#382 cover of the 2nd story.

Ave394.gif Jan 1996 - Avengers#394/401 - The "bug-Wasp" stings again! This transformation is one of the last sensational scenes in "The Crossing". Janet in a coma, awakes in her new form, just in time to stop Neut, who had overcame ALL the Avengers by oneself! I don't know if there are more revelations than inconsistencies in this saga, but I don't want to count it... I'm afraid to discover the truth!
Avetmsld.gif Feb 1996 - Avengers: Timeslide - The Avengers split in two teams (blue and gold?) and Wasp is in the group who attacks the Avengers Mansion (!) and free it from the Kang's Anachronauts.

Im-326.gif Ave396.gif

Mar 1996 - First Sign: Iron Man #326/Avengers#396 - A new Zodiac, a teenager Iron Man, a Thor without powers and a Wasp changing colours from episode to episode.  

Wasp attacks Libra to free Deathcry, but he strikes and knocks her out

Avea99.gif Jul 1999 - Avengers 1999 Annual - Unprinted in Italy I could draw the model using the profile of "The Protectorate" found on the Marvel Universe Appendix site. The colors of the big robot called "Ant-Man" remembers me an old Wasp costume, also considering the shapes on the hips. Probably the model built by Fabian Stankovicz includes features of both Ant-Man and Wasp.




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