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Jun 1963 - Tales To Astonish #44 - What did Janet wear before the first Wasp's costume? Well, sure she wasn't monotone!
She wore the red dress when she met Henry Pym for the first time. She was with her father, Vernon Van Dyne, and she was just a little more than a teenager, but Henry immediately noticed the resemblance to Maria, his ex-wife.
The dress with the wide skirt, was used when she found her father dead. He was killed from "the Creature coming from Kosmos".
We saw the third dress when she went asking help to Henry Pym. She absolutely wanted to find her father's killer, and it was her resolution to persuade Henry Pym to reveal his secret identity as Ant-Man to her. The fourth dress is the suit that Janet wore during the experiment that gave her the WASP's powers: a real bio-engineering masterwork for these days. The suit was also seen miscoloured, years later in a flashback (see Avengers#227).

Tta044a.gifTta044c.gif Tta044b.gifTta044d.gif

Feb 1983 - Jan 2012 - Avengers Origins: Ant-Man & Wasp#1 - What? Janet and Henry did not met by Henry's lab the first time? Did Vernon looked for a financer for his research as well as Henry? Had Janet long black hair when they met for the very first time? Did Henry and Janet meet before he became Ant-Man? Did Janet guess Henry's double identity? Five times yes!

Did Henry name his first giant ant friend Dusty? Yes!

Jan 2012 - Avengers Origins: Ant-Man & Wasp#1 - What? Janet and Henry did not met by Henry's lab the first time? Did Vernon looked for a financer for his research as well as Henry? Had Janet long black hair when they met for the very first time?

Aug 1963 - Tales To Astonish #46 - Henry and Janet's first holiday! They went to the Greek Islands but they would not relax. They actally uncovered the secret of  the Cyclop and the vanished ships.

Note: the Italian re-print was in black and white, so I don't know what are the real dresses colours.

Tta046a.gif Tta046c.gif

Sep 1963 - Tales To Astonish #47 - A very interesting issue. We could learn the history of Trago, and how he learnt his hypnotic music by his master. But, more important, whe could discover that Janet and Hank are great Jazz lovers.

Negative note: in this story Korr (trusted Ant-Man's winged ride) died, and was replaced by Foss, her brother.


Oct 1963 - Tales To Astonish #48 - Janet had a cold, but also wanted to be together with Hank for the inauguration of a new bank that was proud to use a thif-proof system created by Henry Pym.  Unfortunately, Alex Gentry, at his first appearance as the Porcupine, choose the same bank as first objective for his acts as supercriminal.


Apr 1964 - Tales To Astonish #54 - El Toro surprisingly won the elections at Santo Rico. Guess where did the two superheroes decide to go to make  holidays (after a little request from the US Government)?

Tta054b.gif Tta054c.gif

Jul 1965 - Tales To Astonish #57 - While Hank was in Berlin, Janet watched the TV and learnt that someone destroyed the Wall! 


Feb 1965 - Tales To Astonish #64 - Janet leaves Hank! While Henry Pym was building an ant-like robot, ill-treated Janet, and she left him!
Don't worry, after having defeated Attuma, they'd be together again.

Note: every 3 days, the W-antennaes on the mask and the ear-receptors had to be oiled. Periodically, Wasp had to a check of the position of the stingers and to oil the strap.

Tta064a.gif Tta064b.gif

Apr 1965 - Tales To Astonish #66 - Madame Macabre wanted Giant-Man to join her. Janet was worried or ... instead was she jealous?


May 1965 - Tales To Astonish #67 - Janet could not follow Hank when he was in giant-size, so he made a present to her: a bee!

...I trained it to have it carry me as my flying ants do, but it is stronger and quicker...

Of course Janet was initially not so happy, because she is a Wasp, but when she gots used to her new ride, she felt ready for the rodeo!


Jun 1965 - Tales To Astonish #68 - One month later, Janet tooks a little wasp with her, as substitute for the bee. So, Hank modified her cybernetic helmet, and after a bath in the delta rays, Janet became able to speak and to project images to the wasps and she soon tested her new power with... Boopsie!

...I modified the cybernetic device of your helmet, so you can receive and transmit thoughts to the wasps! ...

Note: Boopsie also appeared in the following issue and helped Hank to save Janet from Whirlwind.


Someone must ask for help and the radio is broken

Mar 1966 - Tales to Astonish#77/78, Avengers#26 - To found the origins of life! Henry Pym went in the Atlantic Ocean to make some research for the government but things complicated when Namor attacked.

The two dresses are probably the same one but with different coloring from series to series.

Sep 1966 - Avengers#32 - Troubled moments for Jan and more for Hank, stuck at 3 meters of height. Luckily, Captain America's words give strength to the giant scientist.

Note: first appearance of Bill Foster, as biologist and Henry Pym's assistant, the next Black Goliath and Giant Man.


Dec 1966 - Avengers #35 - Janet paid a visit to Lucy Barton. She tried to explain to Lucy what happened to her obsessioned ex-lover Arthur Parks, become the Living Laser. 


Nov 1968 - Avengers #58 - Janet appeared in the flashback in which Hank reminded how he created Ultron.


Nov 1967 - Avengers #46 - Why does Whirlwind knew the Avengers' mansion security systems? Who let him introduce in the mansion disguised as Charles the driver? But... Janet, of course?

Note: in this issue, David Cannon changed his criminal identity from Human Top to Whirlwind.


Dec 1967 - Avengers #47 - Hank and Janet went to Boston for a vacation, and Janet dreamt about their future together.


Feb 1968 - Avengers #49 - There are only two ballons where this beautiful dress appeared, but what a great work by Buscema! And Henry was not impassive to Janet's new "toilette".

Notes: Hank was giving more attention to his powers as Ant-Man, thinking to abandon his Giant-Man identity.
So he enhanced his cybernetic helmet (treated with new synthetic Morphon - capable of almost infinite stretching shrinking).


Aug 1968 - Avengers #55 - The chaffeur was on holiday, the day ws beautiful, so Janet went walking, convinced to not attract anybody's attention...

Jan 2012 - Avengers Origins: Vision - Janet was mad at Hank because in the last three weeks she saw him for only an hour. Despite this she claimed to the Vision that she loved him, and this saved the Avengers.

Jul 2007 - Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes vol.2 #8 - Just before leaving for the Honeymoon.

Jul 1969 - Avengers #66 - Dress of the sixties, with a typical short skirt for Janet, while the Avengers and her were visiting professor Myron McLain.

Fundamental piece of the Marvel Universe history: in this issue Myron McLain introduced the Adamantium!!!


Apr 1970 - Avengers #75 - Janet and Hank and Bill Foster were leaving for Alaska for a research and Janet was wearing a short dress? It's not so amazing, she has super-powers!


Aug 1972 - The Incredible Hulk #154 - Ok, Janet appeared in this issue and no dress was shown. But I really couldn't avoid to say that Henry-Pym rode his new noble flying ant: Spa-Fon!

...the shrinking serum I used when I followed the FF in Sub-Atomica ...when I used the serum I SUBII some collateral effects...



Sep 1972 - Marvel Feature #5/6 - Janet believed that Hank was dead, and had to reject Charles' avances. He came back soon after for his revenge in the guise of Whirlwind!


Jul 1973 - Marvel Feature #10 - And eventually Janet succeded in seducing Hank! She needed a slightly transparent dress, a new perfume and a little of malice... 


Nov 1974 - Captain Marvel #35, 37 - Janet had to organize a lot of parties to spend her time, because of Hank who worked for 16 hours per day. In Chicago, they heard that Rick Jones wss in coma at the hospital and went to find him. They saved his life, but in a very strange way.


Apr 1975 - Giant-size Defenders #4 - Typical 70ies outfit, for Janet.

Henry wanted to find who had wounded Trish Starr. He left Janet alone at home and he got involved with the Defenders and the Sinister Squadron.

Jul 1975 - Avengers #137 - Janet was bored to be out of action, also because her husband was helping the Defenders, so, when Thor asked her to reenter in the Avengers' roster, she was truly happy to accept.

...if my life as researcher has slowed me, it had me invent this Cellular Disturbator...

1976 - Avengers Annual #6 - Dinner with Robert Frank AKA The Whizzer.

Mar 1977 - Avengers #157 - Janet in the kitchen on Christmas' Eve, discussing with Jarvis because he would use sugar in her Plum Pudding!

Jul 1977 - Avengers #161 - Short Janet's flashbacks (just some ballons), who remembered the last difficult moments of her wedding: the Hank's fails as inventor and his instability problems.

Ave161b.gif Ave161c.gif

Jul 1977 -Marvel Team-Up #59 - 20:41. Review Terrace, south of Queensborough Brige. She is beautiful. She has a wonderful house. She is rich. She has everything. What could Janet Van Dyne desire more? Her husband, for example. He had been absent for a week. So what? So this!

Note: Hank did not forget Janet's birthday. He had just worked to give her birthday gift: he increased Wasp's powers. Unfortunately, to start her new powers up, he had he killed by Equinox!


Dec 1979 -Marvel Team-Up #88 - What a marvelous couple! Hank and Jan are at a gala where other celebrities were partecipating, too: Sue Storm Richards and Peter Parker (in disguise).


Feb 1980 - Avengers #192 - What was Janet doing so dressed? Or undressed? She was informing Hank, who was in his lab (of course), that the Senate had approved his re-enter in the Avengers roster, but he was so busy with his experiments...


Nov 1980 - Avengers #201 - Yellowjacket became reservist member, to work in the scientific field. And, very soon, he had to leave for a lecture in Tokio, but Janet wanted to stay with him for a while, before he left...

Note: Henry confessed to Janet his embarassment when he talked to Jocasta. Although the robot was developing her own personality, her voice was still identical to Janet's one.


Dec 1980 - Avengers #202 - Janet had been wounded after a brief fight with a robot, in her Cresskill's house! With many difficulties she succeeded in reaching the Avengers Mansion, and when she caold rest on the sofa her first worries went to her ...heir-set.


1981 - Avengers Annual #10 - There was just one table where Janet appeared. But few panels weree enough for Janet to switch off Iron Man's armor using an energetic inibitor module. But why she did it? And why her skin became blue? Mmmmh, thinking better, this dress should not stay here...


Dec 1981 - Avengers #214 - Bitter moments for Janet. Although she was worrried about his husband, she did not want to remain together with him. Their meeting after the martial court was hard and cold. No more "Ms Pym", now, only "Ms Van Dyne".

Despite Janet's offer for an economic help, Hank did not accept, probably for pride. Unfortunately his old books and old-fashioned patents were not sufficient to sustain him. Even in that moment. he understood that the worse thing was not to be reduced to poverty, but to have lost his wife forever.


Mar 1982 - Avengers #217 - Back from the holidays in the Dominican Republic, Janet was resolute: at the first Avengers assemble she proponed herself for the chairmanship and she was elected!

Meanwhile Yellowjacket kidnapped Trish Starr and obliged her to help him in stealing the USA Government's adamantium resines reserve. And just the Avengers lead by Wasp stopped him. But, were the things as they seemed?


May 1982 - Avengers #219 - A real bad luck for Janet, she just had her new hair-set done and she was forced to voyage to the Ba-bani planet, led by Moondragon's mental powers. Janet, almost naked, managed to find a new dress good for her taste.

Ave219a.gif Ave219d.gif Ave219f.gif
Jul 1982 - Avengers #221 - The Avengers needed new members! Even TIME tried to guess who would be the next Avengers. Janet, in her Cresskill's residence, organized a brunch and recruited for the group as many super-women as she could. Who were the guests? Sue Storm Richards, Alison Blaire alias Dazzler, Spider-Woman, Natasha Romanoff alias the Black Widow and last but not least, the Sensational She-Hulk. Ave221c.gif

Aug 1982 - Avengers #222 - Henry Pym is in prison, cheated by Egghead's plots, Janet was then free from conjugal bonds, and one of Janet's old admirers goes to find her: Dave Cannon alias Whirlwind. Unfortunately for him, his approach was not so delicate and Wasp had to manhandle him.


Oct 1982 - Avengers#224 - Henry Pym was decided to serve his penalty in prison. He also refused Scott Lang's help (in Ant-Man's identity) for escaping from prison . Meanwhile, Tony Stark noticed how fascinating was Janet and started in courting her. And they could fall in love if a secret was not between them, Tony Stark's secret identity as Iron Man. When Tony confessed his secret to her, Janet sent him off.

Nov 1982 - Dazzler #21 - Janet and the Avengers attended Dazzler's concert for charity. But she went in her official costume. This dress was used for the post-concert party for the beautiful singer!

Jan 1983 - Avengers #227 - A meeting with the Fantastic Reed and Sue Richards. They were worried about Janet, this was not a happy period for her.

Feb 1983 - Avengers#228 Cover and inside - Anguish and sadness were depicted on Janet's face while Henry Pym was swearing in the tribunal where he had to be judged. Very hard days for Janet.


May 1984 - Fantastic Four#254 - Jennifer is looking for an apartment and Janet helps her when a terrorized crowd run toward them.

Dec 1983 - Avengers #238 - Jokes and thoughtlessness when the girls (Janet, Jennifer and Wanda) were out for shopping... a house for Jennifer! Hey, look! She's green!


Aug 1984 - Avengers #246 - Janet is reading, alone in the Mansion and was a little bored, fortunately Starfox invited her to one of Sersi's parties!

Oct 1984 - Power Man & Iron Fist #110 - Jeryn Hogarth's ex-wife wasn't so happy to see her ex-husband accompanyed by Janet van Dyne. However, Jeryn's daughter debut was still more interesting because of the presence of Power Man & Iron Fist battling against Doctor Nightshade and her squad of minions: Man Mountain Marko, Eel, Discus and Stiletto.

Note: Janet couldn't take an active role in the battle because she didn't wear anything under the dress! And there were too many society photographers...


Dec 1984 - Avengers#250 - The Avengers have just defeated Maelstrom and are partying in the West Coast base on the Pacific Ocean. Janet confesses to Tigra that she is afraid of Starfox' seduction power: "it's too similar to Moondragon's psychic manupulation powers".

Feb 1983 - Avengers#251 - For the attention lent to Janet, her holydays to the Caribbean Islands and her flirt with Paul Denning (guess who he actually was), this issue could be the first from the series: Wasp and the Avengers. 2 costumes and even 5 dresses, one of which, also shrinked!

Janet would be back after 4 issues.

May 1985 - Avengers#255 - What a shock! Vision confessed to Jan that he decieved her when he convinced her to leav the leadership of the Avengers.  

1987 - Marvel Graphic Novel#27 - Emperor Doom - Yes, Doctor Doom was the ruler of the World! But are you sure it was so bad?


Aug 1985 - Spectacular Spider-Man #105 - Is it possible that Janet was involved  in the homicide of a syndacal leader and that she had business relations with drug dealers? Spider-Man tried to understand the truth.

Note: Janet frankly confesseed to Spider-Man her natural Wasp/Spider aversion and that she makes a terrible coffee.


Sep 1985 - Spectacular Spider-Man#106 - Janet bought the shares of the Northeastern Navigation Company from the members of the Nevell and.... goes to the hairdresser for two times in a single story.

Ssm106b.gif Ssm106c.gif

Dec 1985 - Avengers#263 - Looking for a new base for their Quinjets, the Avengers were received hundreds of letters. Janet found the letter of Walter Newell.

Feb 1986 - Fantastic Four#287 - Girls are back in town! Janet looked forward for inviting Susan Storn to the French embassy. Not because they had to invade the Latverian Embassy on the other side of the street, but only because of the best hairstylist in New York.

Jul 1986 - West Coast Avengers #10 - What a strong wilpower, Janet! Just while she was leaving for shopping by Bloomingdale, she was interrupted by Hawkeye calling from the west coast. Janet, with absolute composure, informed Clint of the decline of the Six-Members rule. Then, she run away to do shopping.


Jun 1989 - Sensational She-Hulk #2 - Ok, Ok, effectively the coat covers the most part of the dress...


Ott 1989 - Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme#09 - On the cover of NOW magazine, Janet has something to say to Lady D.

Aug 1990 - Marvel Comics Presents#48 - Only two dresses in a story that showed a lot of costumes, the most part unreproducible because they were too tiny. 

Mcp048b.gif Mcp048a.gif

Aug? 1990 - Marvel Super Heroes vol.3#3 Summer Special - In this issue you will see other proofs of Janet's fashion designing skill.

Thanks to Matt of the Dakota North web site for the scans. 

Aug 1990 - Avengers Annual#19 - The annual contained 5 stories. In one of them appeared Janet in this dress, showing off a big "W" on the jacket, not afraid to say to the world who she is!

Dec 1990 - Avengers West Coast #65 - A trip with Hank. It could be a placid walk if "Rover" did not bother those Ultron's androids so much...


?? 1991 - Avengers West Coast Annual #6 - A visit to Hollywood, to talk about the imminent movie on the Avengers: a pity that movies are so few reflecting the reality.... but news in advance: Captain america would be embodied by Arnold Shwarzenegger!


Oct 1991 - Avengers #340 - A statue dedicated to Wasp and to the Avengers for the opening of the Super-Heroes Medical Research and Treatment Facility.

?? 1993 - Avengers West Coast Annual #8 - The issue introduced a new character in the Marvel Universe: Raptor. On the background, Ultron and War Toy. 

December 1993 - Marvel Comics Presents#143 - Pixilm the Liln, kidnapped Scarlet Witch and Janet couldn't do nothing to prevent it.

Ott 1994 - Avengers #379 - Green dress and green costume for Janet, was it a coincidence? In the #381 she also wore a green dress during her  transformation in the "50ft Jan" (I have still to understand if the dress expanded in the transformation, if so, the dress was not a dress but a costume).


Set 1995 - Avengers #390 - The first warnings of the coming of  "The Crossing" were arriving. And Janet was the first victim, she was losing her whole fortune and she could do nothing to stop it!


Nov 1995 - Avengers: The Crossing - Obscure and terrible (and entagled) events touched the Avengers. A foreteller teenager, temporal travellers, an assassin in the Avengers mansion and an Eternal who dies (!) . Isn't enough for you? And what about the vanishing of the Vietnam and Janet deadly wounded during a fight between the Avengers and one of the Avengers?

Feb 1997 - Avengers vol.2#4 - Wasp and a brand new world created by a child. There, Ultron was only Henry Pym's robotic servant, so why it oddly stared at her and kept calling her Janet? Av2v04.gif
Jun 1998 - Fantastic Four Vol.3# - It's so very strange that Janet brought Susan Storm to Kay Cera's boutique, Kay could be considered a rival in business.

May 1999- Avengers vol.3#16 - In this period of time, Janet and Hank were reservist. Infact, in the issue Janet appeared in a table, only, but just in time to see Carol Danvers disappearing after a green lighting. May be The Doomsday Man knew something about this?


Mar 2000- Fantastic Four vol.3 #27 - Going shopping to the Kay Cera's atelier, with She-Hulk and the Invisible Woman to choose a wedding-dress for Susan: the beautiful "fantastic" woman had to join in marriage... to Doctor Doom!


Feb 2002 - Fantastic Four vol.3 #50 - How much a lady would like to spend in beneficience to have a date with Ben Grimm? 10.000$, Janet says!

Nov 2003- Avengers vol.3 #71 - Las Vegas, Nevada. Janet and Hank were really enjoying themselves, it seemed an idilliac holiday. But she was still not ready to accept Hank's proposal: "Janet Van Dyne... will you marry me?".


Jan 2005 - Avengers Finale #1 - Terrible moments for the Avengers disassembled. Several artists drew this story of mourning and remembrances.


Aug 2005 - House of M #2 - The mutants dominated the world, the homo sapiens were in minorance. Magneto was the most important person in the world and Janet created dresses for him and his family... and Wanda was human!?

May 2007 - The Mighty Avengers #2 - Janet was working in her own company: Van Dyne Design. In her studios in Soho, she met Ms. Marvel.

The first dress is worn by Janet, the second belongs to the "Jan Wear" line.

Mave002b.gif Mave002c.gif

Jun 2007 - Avengers: The Initiative#1 - Who is this "André"whom Janet is having lunch with? They even met the night before!

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