WASP's Costumes from 1984 to 1988
(From Secret Wars#1 to her "death" by the Grandmaster's hands)

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Swars13c.gif 1999 - ???- I took this costume from a table by Salvador Larroca and Bob Wiacek. In the scene, all the Heroes wear costumes of the "Secret Wars" saga but Wasp! I think that the costume should have to be green and crimson, but I like this one, too. Anybody might help me telling me where it was published the first time?
swars12.gif ??? 1984 - Secret Wars (or Marvel Super Heroes?)#12 - Appeared in the last cartoons of the story. In table 26 she wears the previous costume. Then many heroes changes/renew their costumes in the costume-maker machine. There, at table 27 - cartoon 1, Janet wears a model specular to this one. At table 27 - cartoon 4, she wears exactly this one. At table 27-cartoon 3, she wears something similar but to the two previous shown. Same table-cartoon 4, table 28-cartoon 1, table 32-cartoon 1, she wears this one. Table 32-cartoon 2, she wears the specular one. Table 33 (and last) she wears this one. KNOCKED DOWN!
ave243.gif May 1984 -Avengers#243- Central Park: the heroes come back from the Secret Wars with a lot of changes (not only the Wasp's costume). Hawkeye promotes Starfox to the rank of effective member of the Avengers. Janet leaves the direction to the Vision and his first decision is the expansion of the Avengers on the West Coast!
Oct 1984 - Incredible Hulk#300 - It is a difficult job, the Avenger, when you have to stop the Hulk!

The costume is similar to the one in Avengers#49/50 but with different colours, and it changes from the beginning to the end of the issue.

ave244.gif Jun 1984 - Avengers#244 - Carmine Infantino pencils the Dire Whraits menace! But who are the leaders of the invasion of the Earth? The technologic males or the witch-sisters?  
Ave246c.gif Ave246.gif Aug 1984 - Avengers#246 Cover,#246/249 - Know how interesting can be Sersi's parties! You could be taken to other realms and meet new people so special who could be gods. And you could learn the origins of the Titans and their relationship with the Eternals. You could understand what is the Uni-Mind and you could meet a powerful crossbreed between the Inhuman and the Deviant races.
Avea13.gif Nov 1984 -Avengers Annual#13 - Thanks to Brian and Susan for the scan of a table of the issue. 

The costume is quite original, and was drawn by Steve Ditko.

Wasp and Henry Pym in Avengers Annual #13.

Feb 2013 - Amazing spider-Man#700 - The microscopic Ant-Man and Wasp were dancing on a jazz rhytm while a giant robot rampaged over New York. But the Black Cat let them enjoy the concert, because Spider-Man was taking care of businesses.
ave250a.gif Dec 1984 - Avengers#250 - It seems that in that period Janet liked two-pieces black costumes. This is slightly different from the one in Avengers#244. But in the middle part of the story she wear a model slightly different from the previous one.
Ave251a.gif Jan 1985 - Avengers#251 - Al Milgrom and Joe Sinnot again! Janet is on vacation and who does she meet? Paladin and Baron Brimstone. What an interesting holiday!
Uxm190a.gif Uxm190b.gif Feb 1985 - Uncanny X-Men#190 - An amulet! Could an amulet be the cause of the transformation of Manhattan and its inhabitants in an Hyborian town? Yes, if the amulet contains the essence of an ancient, cruel, powerful sorcerer. 
Uxm191b.gif Uxm191d.gif Mar 1985 - Uncanny X-Men#191 - And here you can see the effects of the corrupting touch of the sorcerer on the Wondrous Wasp: she is transformed in a vampire-wasp who drains the life force of her victims until they become powder! 
Ave255.gif May 1985 - Avengers#255/262, Avengers Annual#14 - Another classic costume. John Buscema or John Byrne? I remember a Byrne's story in which Janet and the other Avengers fights renegade Skrulls to save the Skrull(!) galactic empire. Note: the bad guy was defeated but the entire skrull people lost his morphing ability. Another fundamental chapter in the Marvel history.

Costume also seen in 
 Fantastic Four#285

Wasp fighting the skrulls.

Mage030.gif ??? 1985 - Marvel Age#30 Cover - Ironic creation by John Byrne with the Doctor Doom as non-wanted guest. Looking both at the Avengers formation and the fact that John Byrne is the cover artist, I can place the scene depicted on the cover between Avengers#255 and Avengers#262.Unfortunately, the bathsuit worn by Wasp is seen only by the backview.
Ave256.gif Jun 1985 - Avengers#256- John Buscema and Tom Palmer paint a "marvelous" Janet in this gym-dresses. Also in this issue, Janet encourages Dane Whitman and confesses to Starfox her perplexities and fears about his "conditioning" power. 
Wca001.gif Aug 1985 - West Coast Avengers#1 - Probably the same previous costume but with a wrong coloration, or the same body suit but with a different dominant color, Janet could do it.... But, I found the costume on Vision & Scarlet Witch Vol.2#1 (Oct 1985), too! So I consider it as a different costume.
Ssm105c.gif Ssm105.gif Aug 1985 - Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man#105- The first costume appears on the cover, only, but in the issue Janet "fights" Paladin wearing... this sweet red baby-doll! She was so pretty!
Ssm106.gif Sep 1985 - Peter Parker: the Spectacular Spider-Man#106 - And eventually the costume announced in the previous issue! Hair, collar, bracelets and belt are different, but... the costume is the same.
Ave263.gif Jan 1986 - Avengers#263- Okay, the colours are the same, but the shape of the boots and of the collar are quite different from the classic costume created in Avengers#55.
Ave264.gif Feb 1986 - Avengers#264 - Wasp vs Yellow-Jacket! Confused? Astonished? Don't worry, Janet is not fighting her ex-husband but Rita de Mara who stolen the Henry's costume.
Dane Whitman studies the Wasp's powers and their friendship grows, but Dane feels something more for Janet...

The cellulae of the antennae are disappeared, but the cellulae of the growth of the wings are multiplied.

Janet can bend a bar of steel of 5cm of diameter, and mantains the wings and can fly at almost full-size. 

Wasp while makes the tests on her powers.

Ffo287.gif Feb 1986 - Fantastic Four#287- I think that John Byrne enjoied himself when he invented this new pattern for Wasp. However, the costume is perfectly corresponding to the character: whimsical and original. In this story, a very cool character returns: the Invincible Man (in his third incarnation after the Super Skrull and Reed Richards). But if you think that attacking Doctor Doom in his Latverian embassy is hard, then you'll find out the truth behind the mask. 

Wasp in Latverian Embassy attacking the Doombots!

Viz-s2-6.gif Mar 1986 - Vision and Scarlet Witch vol.2#6 - Another thank to Fonzie Mendoza for his contribution.
The Marvel Chronology Project puts this story just before Avengers#263, but I noticed that following the order of the issue date the costume is similar to the previous one and to the following one, too. Just a coincidence? 
Ave266c.gif Ave266.gif Apr 1986 - Avengers#266 - The war against the Beyonder is ended, but the Earth is seriously wounded and is dying. The Avengers are unable to do anything and only Molecula can save everybody and the Earth! Note: the first costume is only in the cover but is definitely the second one without colours.
Ave267.gif May 1986 - Avengers#266/272 - Avengers Annual#15? - Janet used this costume for a long period of time. Other appearances: Avengers Spotlight 28/29 (about Jan/Feb 1990).

An almost identical costume, only with a darker black/blue, was used in Avengers# 274/277, Avengers Annual#15, and West Coast Avengers Annual#1 (here) and#2, where all the Avengers died, the Avengers fought against the West Coast Avengers and Wasp fought against Doctor Pym (see image at right). Also seen in Avengers: Illuminati vol.2#4. 

Wasp blasts her stingers against the Doctor Pym
Ihu320.gif Jun 1986 - The Incredible Hulk#320/323 - An Hulk without Banner and Banner without Hulk. Is this the right solution? A green, violent, powerful, unstoppable, gamma fury who destroys everything on his path, and a weak, dying scientist? How many heroes must fight against this jade giant to stop him? The stories were drawn by Al Milgrom and Dell Barras. The costume is slightly different from some models previously shown.
Ihu322c.gif Aug 1986 - The Incredible Hulk#322 - Cover - The same previous costume but miscoloured or "monocoloured" on the cover.

The same costume reappeared, with little differences, in Marvel Comics Presents#48, in the house of a Wasp's admirer.

??? 1986 - Power Man & Iron Fist#125 - Simple costume with usual, slightly different colours. Back view of the costume, from Power Man & Iron Fist#125
Ave273.gif Magea02.gif Dec 1986 - Avengers#273, Marvel Age Annual#2- The beautiful dress shown off the flank of the Black Knight and Paladin, at a charity gala, in the initial part of Rites of Conquer.

Baron Helmut Zemo and his Masters of Evil! The Avengers mansion devasted! A Stern/Buscema/Palmer masterwork!


Ave278.gif Apr 1987 - Avengers#278 - Tyrak returns and is looking revenge on Sub-Mariner! But the Avengers are a little disbanded. Namor has gone home, and Hercules is in coma. Tired of the chairman role, and encouraged by the Doctor Druid, Janet leaves the Avengers. A period ends and another begins: the new members are Thor, She-Hulk and Doctor Druid. Suddenly ends the Dane's hope about a love story with Janet, he really had a crush on her!
Ave283.gif Sep 1987 - Avengers#283/285, Marvel Age Annual#3 - Zeus wants to punish the Avengers! Wasp captured by Artemis/Diana! Shall the Avengers succeed in surviving to the Olimpian Gods' rage?

In magenta, the same costume appeared in a preview.



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