WASP's Costumes from 1989 to 1991.
(from the West Coast Avengers parenthesis to the "death" in Infinity Gauntlet)

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May 1988 - West Coast Avengers#32 - Wasp is back from vacation and joins to the West Coast Avengers. Her vacation continues with her partners only to meet: Yetrigar! Don't worry, she's used to dealing with giants...

The first costume appeared was a classic yellow/black costume.

Note: for the first time Tony De Zuniga inks Wasp (and, for what I remember, an Avenger's issue)!

Wasp in the battle suit against Yetrigar
Wca033.gif Jun 1988 - West Coast Avengers#33/37 - A 6 inches Wasp battles some talking apes? And Dr. Pym helps her to re-grow her antennaes? It can happen if you fight in Hungary!

Note: between WCA#37 and WCA#42, Wasp appears in Solo Avengers#12 (2nd story) but this issue was never printed in Italy (and if you send me a scan it would be very appreciated).

Wasp stings the gorillas
??? - Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master Edition - Not easy to place this costume in the right chronology order because it didn't appear in any regular issue. Wasp appears together the West Coast Avengers second line-up, with members like Moon Knight and Tigra.


Soloa15a.gif Soloa15b.gif Soloa15c.gif Feb 1989 - Solo Avengers#15 - "THE WASP versus RED RONIN?" is the incredible match announced by the title. A very sexy costume, the one worn during the battle (the 2nd), but different from the one on the cover (the 3rd).
Thanks to Fonzie Mondoza for the contribution.
Wca042.gif Mar 1989 - West Coast Avengers#42/45 - John Byrne invented this costume and Janet wore it just in time to fight... Ultron!?

Wasp from West Coast Avengers vol.2 #42.

Apr 1989 - West Coast Avengers#43 Cover - A very beautiful cover (and story) from John Byrne showing the West Coast Avengers. But this Wasp's costume doesn't appear in the story. An error in colouring it?


aspot-23.gif Jun/Jul 1989 - Avengers Spotlight#23 - This was a Vision's story, but Janet appears in the last page, only, in the last cartoon, laughing sitted on Viz' head. For me, the model is equal to the previous one and probably it wasn't properly coloured.


Jul/Oct 1989 - Avengers#305/308 - In the first issue there are just two pictures of Wasp: in the double splash-page (second table) and in the following cartoon. From just one cartoon in Avengers#306 only the head and the shoulders are drawn and the costume seems to be blue but it is impossible to reproduce. In Avengers#307 she doesn't appear. In Avengers#308 the same costume (my opinion) appears with very little differences (errors in the colouring process?).


Half nov. 1989 - Fantastic Four#333 - There are very few cartoons showing Wasp, guest star in the story with other Avengers. For this reason, I think the colorist didn't pay enough attention to the correct colours. The Marvel Chronology Project lists this appearance after Avengers#308, so don't look at the date of the issue.
Wca046.gif Jul 1989 - West Coast Avengers#46/49 - Simon Williams confesses to Jan his love for Wanda. But she knew it yet.  

Wasp from AWC #49.

Wca050.gif Nov 1989 - Avengers West Coast#50/52 - In this issue: the original Human Torch! ...okay, okay, the colours used are the same of the previos costume but i think that the model is different enough to consider it another costume.
Also used in Avengers Spotlight #30.
Avea18c.gif 1989 - Avengers Annual #18 Cover - A part of the ATLANTIS ATTACK saga. The cover from John Byrne shows Wasp from a backview. In the story Wasp is always drawn tiny and in a way that doesn't let understand anything of the costume but the colour (yellow/orange). Certainly the costume is not like the one on the cover.
wcaa04.gif 1989 - West Coast Avengers Annual#4 - Another part of ATLANTIS ATTACK! This is probably a previous described costume with some changes. And is probably the base model used by the penciler of the next costume. However, there are too many differences.
Thoa14.gif Ffoa22.gif

1989 - Thor Annual#14 and Fantastic Four Annual#22- Atlantis Attack ends here! The same time, the same story, the same universe, the same costumes?

Wca053.gif Dec 1989 - West Coast Avengers#53 - West Coast Avengers#53 - Naked shoulders, naked arms. Is this model a summer costume? Or the original Human Torch is too hot? Very simple design. Another chapter of the "Acts of Vengeance" saga: Loki deceives the U-Foes and drive them against the West Coast Avengers. Byrne continues to draw marvelous tables, here helped by Keith Williams.
C&d3-09.gif Mid Dec 1989 - The Mutant Misadventures of Cloak and Dagger#9 - In the middle of the "Acts of Vengeance", Wasp fights against unusual adversaries such as Jester, the Fenris, Hydro-Man, the Rock and a robotic Hulk. She also visits the dark depths inside Cloak, guided by Dagger.

The costume is a well-known model with still different colours. It will also be seen in The Ultron Imperative (almost identical) and in other occasions.

Wasp shooting her sting-blasts to Jester
Wca054.gif Jan 1990 - Avengers#312, West Coast Avengers#54/55 - A "W" shape remember us what is her battle name. The black suit is still present. In Avengers#312 the costume is magenta, and on the cover of West Coast Avengers#55 the costume is yellow and not orange. Note: the stories tell the final chapters of "Acts of Vengeance". The Avengers vs the Mole Man and the Avengers vs Loki, are two very beautiful proofs of Byrne's ability in using the pencil. 

From Avengers #312: the magenta version of the costume.

Wca055.gif Jan 1990 - West Coast Avengers#55/62 - A change! Finally! The black goes and the white comes! But comes Magneto, too! And the Dark Scarlet! Agatha Harkness! Tempus! ... and Immortus!

The costume was also used in Avengers West Coast #5 - first story.

Wasp in Avengers West Coast #60.

Ave315.gif Feb 1990 - Avengers#315 - The Universe ceases to exist for a fragment of a second... and the event strikes also on the West Coast.
WCA058b.gif May 1990 - Avengers West Coast#58 - Vibro is going mad, creating tremenduous earthquakes, and the whole East Coast is in danger! 
Mcp048.gif Aug 1990 - Marvel Comics Presents#48 - This costume is like a sport suit but in the issues you will find lots of other costumes of the past. Why? Because this could happen if you enter in the room of a super-fan of Wasp! But what could also happen if the fan is a mutant, with electric powers, and rather psichopatic?  
Msh-03c.gif Aug? 1990 - Marvel Super Heroes vol.3#3 Summer Special Cover - A very interesting costume and a Kingsize problem for Wasp. But, don't hope to find this costume in the story (a classic yellow/black one), this beautiful costume appears only on the cover.
Thanks to Matt of the Dakota North site for the info about the inside story.  
Wcaa05b.gif Aug 1990 - Avengers West Coast Annual#5 - 3rd story - The Atlantean SURF attack and the Avengers have to defend... a bunch of whales.

Wcaa05.gif Aug 1990 - Avengers West Coast Annual#5 - 4th story - A little story, a big proof of Wonder Man's invulnerability.

Ehm... did you see an hyperatomic anti-proton cannon?  

From the first table of the second story of Avengers West Coast Annual #5.


Aug 1990 - Avengers Annual#19 - Incredible battle vs Terminus, again, with the first costume.
The second costume belongs to the 4th story in the Annual  that happens after the Terminus affair. Thanks to Brian and Susan for the informations and the scan about the 4th story.
Wca063.gif Oct 1990 - Avengers West Coast#63-65 - Mmmh! This is my favourite costume! "Sexy", you say? Yes, I think so. And who is the artist? John Buscema? John Byrne? George Pérez? Nooo, Paul Ryan! Thank you very much Paul!

Janet and Jim Hammond in Avengeers West Coast #63.



Jan 1991 - Avengers West Coast#66 - Two costumes in the same story! Ultron 13!
Wca067.gif Feb 1991 - Avengers West Coast#67 - Paul Ryan continues to draw The Avengers. But they must fight against... the Avengers? Yes, Hawkeye, Quicksilver and Tigra are now metallic super-pawns of Ultron!
Wca068.gif wca068c.gif

Mar 1991 - Avengers West Coast#68/71 & Avengers West Coaast #68 Cover - Appears the Doctor Demonicus and the Pacific Overlords. And Pele, the Goddess of Fire, strikes!

Ave329.gif Feb 1991 - Avengers#329 - A costume with further variations (see below).  
Cap1-383.gif Mar 1991 - Captain America#383  - Wasp, Iron Man, Thor, Wonder Man, Hawkeye, She-Hulk, Scarlet Witch, Quasar, Falcon, Henry Pym, Vision, Sersi and the Avengers crew party Captain America for his 50 years of activity! Wasp appears just in the last splash-page. The costume was probably never coloured, for an oversight or because the authors didn't know what costume was wearing Janet in that month? However a similar costume was seen later in Captain America #401, another "non-coloured" one?  

Apr 1991 - Avengers West Coast#69, Avengers#332 Cover - In the Avengers West Coast  issue there are not images showing the boots/shoes. Probably they were made in the same dark-green material of the body-suit and gloves, but now who can say it?
In the Avengers issue only the head of Wasp is shown, and the costume seems green. Note that IN the issue the costume is different.

The Marvel Chronology Project puts Infinity Gauntlet betwees Avengers West Coast #69 and Avengers#332, but I think this is not, because of this Wasp's costume "continuity".

Igau-02c.gif Igau-02.gif

Aug 1991 - Infinity Gauntlet#2 - The few particulars on the cover suggest that the costume (the first one) is different from all the costumes previously seen. Wasp does not actually appear in the story because she is as "dead" as the half of the population of the entire universe, but she appears on a little monitor with the second costume among the "disappeared" heroes.
Despite the date of the issue, both the Marvel Chronology Project, and the Avengers Chronology by Bob Fronczak place this issue after Avengers West Coast #69 and before Avengers#332.




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