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The Marvel Universe Appendix. The most obscure, forgotten, unknown and unappeared characters of the Marvel Universe. With some images and complete bios. More than 6000 profiles!

Russ Chappell's Marvel Chronology Project. A mastodontic project! All the appearances of all (almost all) the characters of Marvel Universe, ordered chronologically. Very useful.

The Avengers Message Board, where fans meet fans and exchange their impressions, comments, spoilers and informations about the Avengers universe.

The Unofficial Handbook of the Marvel Comics creators.

Mile High Comics.

The (official) Barry W. Smith's site. He's… Barry Smith!

The Crazy Spider-Man Kingdom!. Did you like the Wasp's costumes? Probably you will like all the Spider-Man's costumes! And other costumes, and other, and other...

Mile High Comics.