WASP's Costumes from ?? to ??.
(sorry but I just don't know where and when they appeared)

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Im3v040.gif May 2001 - Iron Man vol3 #40 - Tony Stark is present at the moment of the foundations of The Avengers. In front of him: Thor, Hulk, Wasp with and orange-blue costume and Iron Man? And Iron Man is Tyler Stone!?
Ok, don't worry. You did not missed any issue. It's just a creation of Dream Vision, the new virtual reality game produced by Stone' company. He is using the game "on" Tony Stark who is living some "strange" adventures.    
Ave006.gif Jul 1964 - Avengers #6 - A new super-villain? Naah. An asgardian demon? Almost! This is our sweet, pretty Waspie so pictured by Enchantress' illusions that she cast over Thor's clouded mind. Why? To convince him to fight his own friends, so the Masters of Evil will triumph!

Feb 1994
- Marvels #2


This is the sentence on a sign situated in a shop-window advertising clothing for ladies, the shop is present in some balloons of an issue of MARVELS (events of 1964). The fashion-line includes summer frocks, winter/Christmas dresses, evening dresses and the last one: it really seems a WASP costume! Probably there was a ninth dress but it was not very visible, so I could not reproduece it. Note that the wings has been added by me. I really hope (for you) that you already read these "Marvel" stories by Busiek/Ross. Stories made in the true Marvel spirit.

Im-319.gif Aug 1995 - Iron Man #319 - Tony Stark recalls all his life. And he also remembers the first time the Avengers met Kang. But there is something different from the original story (and cover)... the Wasp's costume is green and it has a short skirt.  

Mage138c.gif Jul 1994 - Marvel Age #138 Cover - The cover says "Remembering The King". And "The King" is among his famous creations, and Wasp is there, too.  

Neww49.gif Jul 1994 - Pizza Hut/Real Heroes Trading Cards - I don't have these cards, but I saw the advertising pages on New Warriors #49 and Nova vol.2 #8, and the costume was well recognizable.

Of course, the costume is the classic, white W-signed, asymmetric one, created by George Pérez years before. Not so bad but I prefer the original one.

Msaga09c.gif Aug 1994 - Marvel Saga #9 Cover - The scan was good but the image of Wasp was tiny. So it is possible that I didn't reproduce the costume very well. Moreover, I don't have the issue. On the cover was written "The origin of the Avengers' WASP", but I don't know what costumes appear and how long is the period of time shown in the story.
fantac82.gif 1982? - FantaCo's CHRONICLES Stories, Volume 1, Issue#4, June 1982 - A George Pérez' Avengers' splash page or cover or illustration for a magazine? I am quite/relatively sure that the year is 1982 but I don't know the right month of the first appearance of the costume on the cover.
Mitsp.gif ??? - Marvel Illustrated: The Swimsuit Page - Image found on Internet by George Pérez. Unfortunately the Wasp's figure was too little to understand all the particulars. Guest star: a dragon!
Mss_1.gif 1982 - Marvel Swimsuit Special #1 - Another bathsuit and another illustration by Adam Hughes. This time, many heroes are together Janet. Everybody are having fun under the Wakandian sun. Among the others: She-Hulk, Ororo, the Human Torch, Hulk, the Thing with a lifesaver, Wanda Maximoff, Monica Lynne and the Black Panther.
Ca1-289b.gif Jan 1984 - Captain America #289 - The costume is similar to the one worn by Janet in the Annual #11 of the Avengers, but it appears some time after and... it doesn't appear! Infact, the story never happened. Guilty author J.M. De Matteis, accomplice Michael Carlin (substitute supervisor), justified absentee Mark Gruenwald, the result is: Bernie America Sentinel of the Liberty! Member of the Avengers, and nemesis of the Red Skull... or is he MODOK?
Mss_3.gif 1984? - Marvel Swimsuit Special #3 page 33 - You say: "This is a bathsuit?" and I say: "Yes. But WHAT A BATHSUIT!". Why I say this? Because the artist was Adam Hughes and I remember very well the illustration!
1985 - The Aladdin Effect - Graphic Novel - Second of four costumes in the issue. Quite original but imaginary costume.
Oiav04.gif 2000? The Official Marvel Index to the Avengers #4 Cover - A real never-seen-before costume for Wasp! And a never existed formation of the Avengers on the cover: Captain Marvel II, Captain America, the Black Panther, the Beast, Thor, Wasp, Iron Man and Yellowjacket (and probably other Avengers on the back cover). It is impossible, of course, to place the costume in a short range of time. Trying to stretch the period... from the last Beast's story to the first Captain Marvel II's appearance are about 17 issues.
nc10.gif 2000? Avengers Infinity #1? - The first table of the story shows an Avengers formation in which there are Wasp (with this costume), Thor (without the beard), Hercules (with the beard), Captain America, the Black Knight and She-Hulk. After some studies I concluded that such a formation never existed. The more probable collocation is between Avengers #250 and Avengers #286.
Avea18k1.gifAvea18k3.gifAvea18k5.gifAvea18k7.gif Avea18k2.gifAvea18k4.gifAvea18k6.gif

1989 - Avengers Annual #18- Little story, in which Cap studies (and explains to the readers) powers and abilites of quite all the components of the team. And the "wondrous" Wasp must be between them! The cartoon showing the Wasp was penciled by Kieron Dwyer but he probably didn't want to "create" new costumes. It was probably a mistake in the colouring phase. Moreover, Cap is looking at images of the past (or is remembering past events) and this means that the costumes actually appeared in the past.

Let's try to find the original costumes.
Row1, column 1: Avengers #161.
Row1, column 2: Avengers #167.
Row2, column 1: Avengers #170.
Row2, column 1: Avengers #183.
Row3, column 1: Avengers #217 and many other issues with similar costumes.
Row3, column 1: Avengers Annual #12.
Row4, column 1: West Coast Avengers #42.

Eastwest.gif 1989/91 - Poster? Double splash page? - The Avengers on vacation. At the left side of the rope: Thor, Hercules, She-Hulk and Captain America. Pulling at the right side (a bit in difficulty): Hawkeye, Mockingbird, UsAgent, Wonder Man, Scarlet and Iron Man.
Wasp is only seen by the back.
Nc03.gif 1991 - From a card of The Avengers West Coast - I don't have the card, but I found it on internet. The group: Hawkeye, Iron Man, Dr. Pym, Tigra, Wonder Man, Wasp and Scarlet. I never saw this costume before, but it is impossible to place it exactly in the 1991.  

nc06.gif 1991 - From a card of The Avengers West Coast: Arch-Enemies - Avengers vs Ultron - This costume, penciled by Mark Bagley,  has the colours and the model very very similar to the costume in Avengers West coast #74. An error of the colorist?  

Nc05.gif ??? - ??? - Seen on the Avengers' 30th Anniversary Poster (thanks to the Avengers Assemble site! : 1530x1008 pixels = 491484 bytes) by Pérez. Or the same larger poster (thanks to the Vendicatori Uniti! site : 3000x1942 pixels = 1852505 bytes).  

Ave375.gif Jun 1994 - Avengers #375 - The Wasp appearing in this story is an insect-face-like girl. She is part of an Henry Pym's subconscious, a sort of "dream", a creation of his "Psicho-analithic Program", so the costume probably never existed. 
Mhw05.gif Mar 1996 - Unknown/Marvel Heroes - A double cover by Tony Daniel with lots of heroes, and Wasp too, with this costume.  On the cover appears Thor with long metalic armlets and a V-shaped helmet. The date is indicative, because in that period Janet had an insect-shaped body. So I don't know how/when to put the costume. Does anybody know anything more?


1997/98 - Heroes Return B/W table - An assemble of Avengers drawn by George Pérez, featuring the heroes "returning" from the "Reborn". The scan I have is B/W and the costume I drew, too.


Xbbsr-a.gif Xbbsr-b.gif

Jan 2000 - X-Babies Reborn - But she isn't Wasp, she is WISP of the Baby Avengers created by Mojo.

The first cover I found hadn't the logo nor the title and the costume was yellow/blue. On the final version of the cover, instead, the costume is red/blue. The other members of the Mitey Avengers? Here: Big Boy, Captain Amerikid, Hawkey, Iron Ace and Thunderson!

Nc12.gif nc12b.gif

2000? - Avengers Promo Poster - By ALAN DAVIS! Another great artist at work on the great AVENGERS! I don't know if the costume was used in any issue so I leave it in this section. Then I saw the same costume but with different colours.

Hc2kpbic.gif 2001 - Heroes Con 2001 Program Book Inside Cover - Wonderful illustration by Alan Davis. My only dubt is about the colours. I'm really, really, sorry that Alan Davis leaves the Avengers, I hope you will be back soon Alan.
Maxec02.gif ??? 2001? - Maximum Security #? - I'm not so sure. I saw a cover or a splash regarding Maximum Security on an Italian edition of the story, but I dont know if the cover is of THAT story. I have to investigate better.  The penciler is surely Jerry Ordway. The formation is the same during Maximum Security but there is Hawkeye and Triathlon is missig. 
Im3v041.gif Jun 2001 - Iron Man vol.3 #41 - The costume is worn during the battle with Iron Man. The golden Avenger has a charge of omicide of Whiplash and the Avengers try to convince him to surrender, but he shows an hard opposition flooring Captain America. Then Iron Man strikes Scarlet and Vision too, knocks down Giant Man and crunchs Wasp in his hand... but Janet is saved by the Thunder God who strikes Iron Man by lightning, stopping him. Then consigns him to authorities of the law's care. What? This never happened? It happened in the Tyler Stone's dreams while is "testing" his new virtual reality software: Dreamvision.

Wizccav.gif 2001 - Wizard Special Edition #? Cover - Wizard #? Casting Call: Avengers - Who are the best actors to impersonate the Avengers in a movie? My personal bad opinions about the choices: anonymous (Howie Long as Captain Who? oops! America!?), exaggerated (George Clooney as Wonder Man? Bwah!), unnecessary (Justice? The Grim Reaper? Who cares them?). But a good, very good choice is: Catherine Bell as Wasp! I don't recognize the costume. Was it drawn for the occasion? And where it appeared, otherwise?

Tac003.gif 2002 - The Artist's Choice - Coming from the george-perez.com site. The orginal drawing was probably black and white with digital colours added by Mark Dominic, so I reproduced it using the same colours.
Tac079.gif 2002? - The Artist's Choice - Another orginal drawing by George Pérez. A crossover Marvel/DC. The second character on the drawing is Starfire of the Teen Titans.
Isabedra.gif 2003 - Internet - The costume remember the one of those used during the Nefaria Protocols, but it could never have been related to any episode happened in the Marvel Universe.

I found the image showing this costume on Internet. The author was Isabedra and depicted a JLA/Avengers cross-over.

2005 - She-Hulk vol2 #3 - The costume could be placed in the 7th page, but technically, Wasp is retrieved by an unspecified moment in the past, so, it is impossible to order cronologically.


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