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Av3v001a.gif Av3v001b.gif Feb 1998 - Avengers vol. 3 #1 - She's "returned" and George Pérez doesn't miss the opportunity to draw 2 costumes for 1 story only. The first costume was used three more times in slightly different models: in Avengers Annual 2001 2nd story, in Black Panther #42-44 (thanks to Bob Almond for this information) and in a Spider-Man's story. Moreover it was the inspiration model for the Hero-Clix Wasp.

Mar 1998 - Thunderbolts #11 - Stars of the story are the Thunderbolts. This is their last appearance as "true heroes". Unmasked, they have to flee the Shield forces and have to fight Baron Zemo and his ... Avengers? The costume is present in the last pages of the story and on the cover of the following issue.

Thun12.gif Thun12b.gif Apr 1998 - Thunderbolts #12/13 - A great Mark Bagley shows the first match between the Avengers, the Fantastic Four and the Thunderbolts. But this time, the earth will be saved only if the bad guys win!?  

Wasp and the Avengers vs the Thuderbolts


Mar 1999 - Avengers Vol. 3 #2/3 - I didn't read the story, but I have a good scan of the cover and I can say that Pérez is MARVELOUS! 

After, I read the two issues and now I must find another word to explain how MARVELOUS is this story!

Pixie from the cover of Avengers vol.3 #2.

Av3v003b.gif Av3v003c.gif Apr 1998 - Avengers Vol. 3 #3 - Morgana Le Fay is won! The Avengers are back in the land of the Tintagel Fortress ... but a few of magic forces surrounds Janet! Her costume changes colour from a cartoon to another! Don't worry, this strange effect will finish in this issue!

Mar 1998 - Captain America Vol.3 #3 - The protagonist of the story is Cap's shield. The original is lost into the depths of the ocean and a substitute has been created by Tony Stark. Eventually we can see Cap using the triangular shield.

Av3v004c.gif Av3v004.gif May 1998 - Avengers Vol. 3 #4 - Costumes respectively from the cover and from inside the issue. Wasp leaves the Avengers, and Henry Pym follows her. Are they falling in love again? Maybe. Good luck, Janet & Hank!   

May 1998 - X-Men #75 - Does anybody of you remember this model? Yes, it is the same costume Janet wore during the Micheal/Korvac Saga, but the colours are quite different. Janet does not appear in the story. The costume is worn by Cecilia Reyes, and the proof that it belongs to Wasp is given by the Beast, who claims that he took it from the Wasp's wardrobe.


Oct/Dec 1998 - Avengers Forever #1/12 - Great Marvel-style saga. I firmly suggest you to read all the issues, Busiek is a magnificent story-teller and Pacheco is a magnificent artist.


May 1999 - Avengers Vol. 3 #16/17 - I'm sure this costume is the base model for the next two ones. Probably they were drawn without some particulars, or the coloration was wrong (or not).

The Avengers vs the Wrecking Crew!
Guest star to the pencils: Jerry Ordway!
Guest star in the Avengers: Dane Whitman, the Black Knight!


Jun 1999 - Avengers Vol. 3 #17 Cover - Great action on the cover! Note the appearance of the old Miss Marvel costume, the first one, created by Janet, too! The Avengers vs The Doomsday Man! But is it really it/him? Another group of Avengers follow the Wrecking Crew on the Arkon's World. Another good work by Jerry Ordway.

Wasp on the cover of Avengers vol.3 #17.


Sep 1999 - Captain America Vol. 3 #21 - With Captain America and Tony Stark to understand the secret of Cap's shield. 


Sep 1999 - Avengers Vol. 3 #19 - Pérez is back! Alkhema is back! Ultron is back! And kidnapped Henry Pym (again). Very hard time for the Avengers and all the world...

Note: the second costume appearing in the issue is an old (and very nice) creation by Pérez, I re-drew it in the second page of the costumes, yet (Aug 1980).


Oct 1999 - Contest of Champions Vol. 2 #3 - Wasp is fighting Hawkeye and the winner is: Hawkeye!?. Bah, only a ballon to describe a so mighty, epic battle! The costume is good, but I'd need other images to draw it completely.



Dec 1999 - Avengers Vol. 3 #23 - Not so many images showing the costume, but enough for me. In the story Visions confronts with Wonder Man. 



Feb 2000 - Avengers Vol. 3 #25 - A double-lenght story: Krakkan, Ikonn, Valtorr, Watoomb, Farallah, Raggadorr, Balthakk and Cyttorakk's plots reach their conclusion and the Avengers must confront with the Exemplars! To save the Earth from the Exemplars' conquest the heros must save... the Juggernaut?
But the bad times continues after the end of the battle: Captain America leaves the Avengers!


Mar 2000 - Fantastic Four Vol. 3 #27 - Marco Polo discovered the costume for me and helped me to draw the first version.

Summary: Susan Storm marries Doctor Doom!



Apr 2000 - Avengers Vol. 3 #27 - A new formation for the Avengers but nobody shouts "Avengers Assemble!". The situation is difficult, Thor's leaving, Cap has left some days before, the government bring pressure for a change, and the popular contestation want all the mutants out... not a very good moment for the heroes. With a new costume re-enters Henry Pym but a new name takes place in the Avenger's rosters: Thriathlon! 


Jun/Jul 2000 - Avengers Vol. 3 #29/30 - Wow, a great, powerful and unusual villain for the Avengers is back: Kulan Gath! He wants to become a god and to do this he has to kill Peliali! But an old friend will help the Avengers: Yellowjacket???

The same costume is used in Avengers Vol. 3 #36/37 and in Hulk Annual 2000.  

Jan worried for Hank's strange behaviour speaks with him.

Magnds3.gif Magnds4.gif Jul/Sep 2000 - Magneto: Dark Seduction #2/4 - The Avengers to the Bay of Carrion in Genosha.
The story is a typical "everybody vs everybody" fighting, where nothing was said and everything could happen: Magneto re-acquired his full powers and Wasp's costume slightly changed from a cartoon to another and from an issue to the following one.

The second costume was also used in Iron Fist/Wolverine#2.

Set 2000 - Deadpool #44 - Colours variation on the costume model appeared in Avengers Vol. 3 #27. The story continues in Black Panther Vol. 3 #23 but there are some differences in the costume used by Wasp.

Bp3-23c.gif Bp3-23.gif Sep? 2000 - Black Panther Vol. 3 #23 - The costume outfit is identical to the one used in the mission to the Kulan Gath's city. Thanks to Bob Almond (Black Panther inker artist) for his reply on the Black Panther's Message Board! Now, I can confirm  you that both the costume on the cover (colours by Tom Smith) and the costume in the book (colours by Steve Oliffe) are the same costume. The second costume also appeared in Black Panther #27.
Av3v031a.gif Av3v031b.gif Aug 2000 - Avengers Vol. 3 #31 - The Vision is back, he calls the Avengers to fight the Maggia and the Grim Reaper. But things are not as simple as they seem: Edward Lavell is the Eel, Pierre Fresson is Cyclone and Madame Masque is ... an android! Little story, but big "construction" for the future thanks to Kurt Busiek. The costume is probably the same but there are some differences in the colours between the first and the second part of the story.

2000 - Hulk Annual 2000 - Starring an huge, animal, jade giant: Hulk. Fight in Central Park vs the Avengers and Sh-Hulk in particular.

Looking at the few ballons I have seen of the story, I think that this costume is a mis-coloured one, similar to the red/black one used by Janet a few months before.


Sep 2000 - Avengers Vol. 3 #32/33 - The Masque's identity revealed. The Grim Reaper and his Steelskulls attack the Madame Masque's secret base. And the base is destroyed by... Nefaria!

Paul Ryan: "...Actually it is reminicent of a costume Jan wore, briefly, back around 1979 or so. I remember because I drew her wearing it in the first samples I sent to Jim Shooter. He wasn't impressed.:( I believe that costume was red and black with some white trim)."  

Wasp in Avengers vol.3 #33.


Oct 2000 - Thunderbolts #43 - Don't waste your time, if you want to find the costume go to the last panel of the last table. Found? Ok, it's wrong, because Wasp if fighting Nefaria and in that moment she wears the previous costume.

Thun44.gif Nov 2000 - Thunderbolts #44 - The Avengers and the Thunderbolts are assembled to front the Count Nefaria in his full powers. But they have to fight their own camerades: Atlas and Wonder-Man, pawns of Nefaria. Plus: revealed the mistery of Masque, Benedict and the Madame(s) Masque.
The story is well drawn by Mark Bagley with not so perfect inks. The costume is pretty and has beautiful colours, but Joe Rosas (the colorist of this issue) and Tom Smith (the colorist of the following story) doesn't match and in the last part of the fight, Wasp wears different colours.

Wasp and a bunch of heroes tries to infiltrate in Nefaria's Castle.

Av3v034a.gif Av3v034b.gif Nov 2000 - Avengers Vol. 3 #34 - A hard fight versus an unstoppable Nefaria. But Whitney Frost gives the heroes the last hope to defeat  her father: the Nefaria Protocols! And Masque helps the heroes!  Negative note: George Pérez leaves The Avengers. Thanks for everything George. Come back soon, George.

Dec 2000 - Sentry #4 - This is the only issue of Sentry I have, so I don't know if Wasp appears before and if she wears another costume.

The costume is similar to the one used during the mission to Genosha some months before (jul 2000). The basic colour is the same, but the secondary colours are different (black/blue instead of red). The model, however, is almost equal to the one invented by Alan Davis for the promotion of "his" Avengers. That costume never appeared during any story. May be that Jae Lee wanted to use it?

Maxec01c.gif Maxec01.gif Dec 2000 - Maximum Security #1 - Some of the most important races in the universe, have decided that The Earth will become a galactic prison of Maximum Security. And Ronan is the "director" of the prison. The first costume appears just on the cover. The second is in the story in several balloons, but the colours are not so fixed; it is also seen in Alias #26.  
Ultrim-c.gif Ultrim-b.gif 2001 - The Ultron Imperative - The first costume appears on the cover and recalls one of the costumes used during Maximum Security. The second is an old classic one but worn by an Ultron-Wasp. Thanks, Mitch Taylor for the scans.

Dec 2000 - Avengers Vol. 3 #35 - The Avengers are splitted in two formations and the one in the space is prisoner of the Ruul! Later, the Supreme Intelligence explains to the Heroes who are the mysterious Ruul.



Jan 2001 - Maximum Security #3 - Here finishes the Maximum Security employ of the Earth, after a massive fight among the heroes and Ronan super-empowered by the Ego-disease spreading on the planet.


Jan 2001 - Avengers Vol. 3 #36 Cover - Steve Epting at work! The cover shows Janet very well, I don't have the issue, but I read some pages and I know that the costume used is the same that Janet wore in the mission vs Kulan Gath.

Av3v0380.gif Av3v0381.gif Jan/Mar 2001 - Avengers Vol. 3 #38 Cover - Or not? These are two different versions of the ultimate costume. Probably proofs of colouring by Tom Smith, or advertising images.  

Mar 2001 - Avengers Vol. 3 #38/40 - This is the ultimate version! ALAN DAVIS starts drawing the Avengers, Mark Farmer inks and Tom Smith colours! Do you need an advice? The cover is wonderful, but the double splash-page at the end of the first issue is great!

Note: the graphic restyling involves the costumes of two characters of the others, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.

The costume also appears in X-Treme X-Men #11 and Infinity Abyss#1.

Janet with CAP and Hank. Note the V shape of the costume.


Jun 2001 - Avengers Vol. 3 #41/44 - Janet is worried about Tony Stark's life. He has closed the Stark Solution, gaving his fortune to the Foundation Maria Stark and he is wearing an old, ancient model of the armor. How this fact will influence the efficiency of the Avengers? Will they succed in stopping Kang and the Scarlet Centurion?

Janet is inviting Jack of Hearts to enter in the Avengers: what do you think he'll say?


2001 - Avengers Annual 2001 Vol. 3 - The third man is Henry Pym! A good work by Ivan Reis, and a costume already seen for Wasp, but with different colours.


Oct 2001 - Avengers Vol. 3 #45/46 - Thanks to a post of Tom Smithon the Avengers Message Board the new Wasp's costume is here.

Tom Smith explains: "There is not one shot of her feet or boots anywhere in the issue. I would kinda like her bootless with just black leggings , But if she was drawn with boots I would color them red."

And in the following story Wasp appears with red boots.

Av3v049a.gif Av3v049b.gif Feb 2002 - Avengers Vol. 3 #49 - The "Silent Month" involves the Avengers, too. And the images are terrible to see: until the signature at the bottom of the Terms of Surrender.

Jun 2002 - Avengers Vol. 3 #52/54 - I found it on the Avengers Micro Heroes web-site, so I asked Robert Bradley more informations about the costume. And now, the costume is here!

The war against Kang is so hard, that Tony Stark wears again his armor. Iron Man is back.


May 2002 - The Order #2 - I only knew that I found the scan on the Avengers Message Board but... where the Avengers came from? And what was the issue, surely not The Avengers series... but thanks to Ryan "Bynaryan" Jones I knew the truth!


Jun 2002 - The Order #3 Cover - I found the cover without titles, many months ago, and then I never heard speaking about The Order before. Only visiting the milehighcomics site I could find the right chronology of the costume. But, I don't know how is the front shape of the costumen because on the cover Wasp is seen only by e backview.


Aug/Sep 2002 - The Order #5/6 - Linked together to protect mother Gaea, reverted to their "darker" versions, the Defenders are near to the madness; they want to protect the Earth and claim it as their own. This is the final effect of the Yandroth's curse! Will the heroes be able to avoid The "new" Order?

The costumes are supposed to be the same one used during the fight against the Defenders.

Thanks to Erik Elzenaar for the info and the scans about the Order's storyline.



Jul 2002 - Fantastic Four vol.3 #55 - A Fantastic familiar story for the most familiar supergroup of the Marvel Universe. And Janet is the baby-sitter.

Meanwhile, Ben and Johnny have to fight again the Skrull menace. This time their enemy has stolen... the Fantasticar!!! And Reed and Sue party their 256th (=44) anniversary month together in a special way...

Janet and Valeria Richards. What a lovely baby!

Aug 2002 - Avengers Vol. 3 #55 - Martial Court for Warbird, Asgardian Lunch for the Avengers and ... the Last Farewell.


Oct 2002 - Avengers Vol. 3 #57 - The new love story between Hank and Janet continues? It's too early to say it, an unknown menace involves all the world and the Avengers become the new leaders of the Earth.

On a cover of Avengers #61 found on internet, there was a different coloured version of the costume, but on the real cover the colours were original.


Nov 2002 - Avengers Vol. 3 #58/60 - In the dark dimension where are the Capitals of the world, all the thing have a different colour, and the Wasp's costume, too.


Jan 2003 - Avengers Vol. 3 #60 - The same costume, but the colours are brown/orange instead of dark brown/red. The same costume appears on the beautiful "painted" cover of Avengers Vol.3 #65, with slightly golden effects of light.


Feb 2003 - Spider-Man Tangled Web #21 - A delicious Christmas story! It was drawn in a cartoon-style but Wasp's outfit is great! There you can find a match between super-heroines, your always friendly neighborood Web-Spinner, and JJJ who explains to a bunch of young japanese students how Spider-Man has ruined the Christmas Eve night knocking down Santa Claus! Don't lose this story!

Av3v071.gif Av3v071a.gif

Nov 2003 - Avengers Vol. 3 #71-77/80 - A sweet and hard issue, speaking of sentiments and memories, with a troublesome and dangerous break caused by Dave Cannon alias Whirlwind. Wasp often used the 1st costume, in She-Hulk vol.3 #1, Marvel Team-Up vol.2 #1, Avengers/Thunderbolts #1, during Civil War, and, with a yellow pair of gloves in New Avengers#28. Moreover, it is very similar to the one used during the Avengers Forever saga.
The 2nd is a copy of a very sexy old costume drawn by George Pérez 26 years before; in this story it is not worn by Janet but by a "pretty lady" impersonating Wasp.


Sep 2004 - New Invaders #0 - Old and New Invaders vs the Avengers: superheroes!

The costume in not properly a Wasp's costume but a Giant-Wasp costume, and it is a variant of the previous one (also used in giant form), but with different colours.

Im3v084a.gif Im3v084b.gif

Aug 2004 - Iron Man Vol. 3 #84/85 - Jorge Lucas and the Studio F (don't) care these Wasp costumes. The first one becomes the second one while fighting Arsenal. The second one becomes the dark/golden costume (see above) after some panels, the same of the cover.

2004 - Marvel Holyday Special 2004 - A Japanese artist for Wasp!

Wasp does not wear gauntlets during the battle, but after the fight she wears them, so I considered them part of the costume.

Jul 2005 - Great Lakes Avengers #2 - The Great Lakes Avengers need new members and goes to the place where there are plenty of them: New York City. But all of them refuse, why? Wasp is among them, but only on the cover.

The costume could be a modified revival of the old one used in Avengers vol.1 #71/72.


Jan 2009 - Mighty Avengers #8 - Janet is drawing new uniforms for the Avengers, but the group has to stop a horde of alien symbiotes. They are highly infective and Giant Woman is bitten, too, being transformed in Giant Venom!

...a new growth formula...you can go right from Giant Woman to Wasp...





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