The Wondrous WASP presents: The "Sue me" List of the Marvel/DC Universes

SUE ME (Marvel/DC characters with the same battlename)

Ace Of the Royal Flushes The biker met by Spider-Man.
Anarchist Simon Elis, JLA foe. Tyke Alicar of X-Force/X-Statix
Argent Teen Titans. Clan Destine.
Arsenal Simon Elis, JLA foe. Tyke Alicar of X-Force/X-Statix   
Atom Smasher In the Justice Society of America. Enemy of Black Goliath, and of the Stane International.  
Azrael The last one, Jean Paul Leon, helped Batman. Lord Phyffe transformed, almost killed Doctor Strange.
Barracuda of the Crusaders. Of Heavy Mettle
Barricade   I: of the Supremascists. II: killed by Redpath
Barrage Enemy of the Doom Patrol. Of the Apocalypse's Riders, enemies of the X-Men.
Blackwing Charley Bullock, friend of the Huntress. I: Silvermane; II: of Heavy Mettle; III: Bohusk.   
Black Widow from Greece Claire Voyant, Natasha Romanoff, Yelena Belova, Petra.   
Blaze Of Earth-Two, enemy of Green Arrow. False super-villain, deceived Spider-Man.
Blindside Weinberg, sibling of Temper. One of the Brood Boys
Blindspot   In the Mutant Liberation Front of Simon Trask.
Bird-People helped but were deceived by Grodd. Avians of Sky-Island, home of Red Raven.
Blockade   He played power with Hydroman and Syd "Stilty".
Blockbuster In the Suicide Squad, killed by Brimstone. Man-Brute, Heat-Ray, Michael Baer of the  Marauders   
Bushmaster Wonder Woman [#255] foe. I, II: John and Quincy McIver, enemies of Luke Cage, Power Man.
III: of the Serpent's Society.
Cannonball Tomahawk's Rangers. I of the Circus of Crime.
II Sam Guthrie of the New Warriors and the X-Men.
Captain Marvel Billy Batson Mar-Vell, Monica Rambeau Genis-Vell, Phyla-Vell and Carol Danvers.     
The Cadre        By Overmaster: Black Mass, Crowbar, Fastball, Nightall, Shatterfist, Shrike and Starshrike. Enemies of the JLA [#236]. Dementia, Shard and Vortex, allies of Moon Knight
Challenger Spoke for the Martians when they invaded Earth. Montana Freedom Force
Changeling   I: Logan of the Teen Titans and before of the Doom Patrol. Mento created The Hybrid to kill him.
II: one of the assassins hired by Prime Planner.
Of Factor Three, impersonated Charles Xavier.
Cheetah Enemies of Wonder Woman. Esteban Carracus, defeated by Captain Marvel.
Catseye Japanese of the Yakuza Clan. Hellions
Clea Queen of Atlantis. Queen of the Dark Realm, daughter of Umar and lover of Doctor Strange.
Copperhead Nathan Prince of the Terror Titans. Lawrence Chesney, Daredevil foe; Arthur Reynolds enemy of Human Fly II, and Davis Lawfers of the Serpent Society.  
Crusader from England. Battled Thor
The Crusaders  
Freedom Force adversaries: Americommando, Barracuda, Fireball, Rusty and Sparky. Allies of the Invaders: Captain Wings, Dynamite, Ghost Girl, the Spirit of '76 and Thunderfist.  
Champion ???  the L.A. supergroup.  
Cyclone Maxine Hunkel, of the Justie Society of America. Dr. Fortune's ally.  I, II of the Masters of Evil  
Darkling Satan's pawn Gallante, New Warriors foe.
Darkstars           Henchmen of the Controllers similar to the Green Lantern's: Aa, Epernix, Gritz, Munchukk, Rayyana, Tuprolix, etc. Laynia Petrovna and other successors: Sasha Roerich [HWG], Reena Stancioff.  
Deadeye of the Conglomerate I and II of the Mutant Liberation Front.  
Decay Daughter of the Medusa, enemy of Wonder Woman. I: of the Octessence; II: of the Acolytes.  
Doctor Death In the Suicide Squad fought Brimstone. Dr. Nemesis of Battle Axis, built Volton.
Dominus Alien empowered by Kem-L and defeated by Superman, imprisoned in the Phantom Zone. World conquerer computer from Quist, fought by the X-Men and the Avengers.
Echo Of the Legion of the Super-Villains. Maya Lopez, friend of Matt Murdock.
Effigy   From First Line.
The Enchantress In the Suicide Squad fought Brimstone. Amora the Asgardian.
The Extremist(s) Lord Havok and the others. Tyler Smithson killed Branden.
Faust Sentinels of Magic. Artificial intelligence which enslaved Blastaar and was defeated by Thor and Iron Man.
Firebird Of Soyuz I, Jade of Iron Fist. II: also called Espirita in the Avengers.  
I, enemy of Spider-Man. II: Rusty Collins in Selene's undead army.  
Armored enemy of Iron Man
The Flying Tiger Superman in disguise with Kitty as pal: two super-villains.
Also one of the Crimson Cowl's Masters of Evil.
Of the Department H.
Freak Ava of the Doom Patrol
Happy Hogan and Eddie March, and the carnival adventurers: Gorilla Girl, Muck Monster and Six.  
I: Herbert and Pinky fusser.
II: Mackley. Both Spider-Man foes.
Firebrand Spanish I: Gary Gilbert; II: Broxtel and III: Rick Dennison; IV: ?    
Gold and Silver   Metal Men Beta Flight  
Golem Israelian, of the Hayeth. I, Goldstein, met by the Invaders.
II the statue which fought the Stonians.
Gorgon   I: of Hybrid.
II: of the Extremists.
I: of the Inhumans.
II: Tomi Shishido of Hydra.
Grandmaster of the Manhunters. Elders of the Universe.
Guardian   Of the Newsboy Legion and of the Teen Titans. The robot, James Hudson and Dolphine Courtney and Heather MacNeil and Michael Pointer of Alpha Flight, and one of Hulk's personalities.  
Hammer People's heroes Anvils' pals and the one of Cable's Wild Pack  
Howler Wild Men. First Line foe.
Huntress Daughter of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. Bobbi Morse of SHIELD.
Hybrid Created by Mento Rom's enemy, half human and half Wraith.
Ice Man Enemy of Lobo, hired by Maximilian G'odd. Bobby Drake of the X-Men.
Impulse   I: the young speedster.
II: created by the Everyman Project.
Of Psionex.
Inferno   From Winath in the Wanderers nullifies gravity.
From Mercury generates heat and light.
I: Slifer The Fear Monger.
II: Joseph Conrad.
III: Samantha Mc Gee of the Exemplars
Jack O'Lantern   I and II and III. I, Jason Macendale and II, both enemies of Spider-Man.  
Javelin Enemy of Skyrocket [PowC#5]. Spaceknights.
Knight I and II of the Global Guardians. Fogg's pal of killing, Spider-Man's foes.
Kull King of the Man-Beasts. King of Atlantis
Lightning Lord Legion of Super-Villains Hulk's enemies and adversary of Iron Fist.  
Lionmane Defeated by the Huntress Lo Chien, friend of Sai.
Manticore     I, II and II of Jihad, also IV but he joined to the Globan Guardians. Defeated by Ghost Rider.
I, of Apocalypse's Dark Riders.
II: Ian, Silvermane's henchman.
Marvel Girl twin sister of Captain Marvel Jean Grey of the X-Men and X-Factor.
Master Man Satan's Pawn enemies of the Invaders.  
Marauder Curtis Eisenmann I: Team 7's black biker
II: Mr. Sinister's lackeys and clones;
III: captured Rava defeated by da Silver Surfer [MCP#50].
Meteor  Man Randolph Ormsby transformed by a giant meteor. Norton G. Fester, AKA Looter.  
Mirage Brazilian, of the Teen Titans I, Spider-Man foe killed by Scourge (and his clone), II, Danielle Moonstar.
Miss America All-Star Squadron, JSA Madelyne Joyce of the Invacers and of the All-Star Squadron. Married with Whizzer they generated Nuklo.
Mockingbird puppetteer of the Secret Six Bobbi Morse from SHIELD to Avengers.
The Monocle Flash foe, joined the Secret Society of Super-Villains and freed the Psycho-Pirate. Operative of the Enclave, conditioned and fought the Human Torch.
Mountain Man   Marko, enemy of Spider-Man.
Nemesis Mr. Tresser, friend of Wonder Woman. Kane, Falcon foe; Alpha Flight enemy and affiliated; the being composed of the 7 Infinity Gems.   
Paragon Joel Cohin, absorbed superpowers, almost defeated the JLA. Also called Her and Kismet, and her successor; III: Calvin Elroy; IV: Cooper Roth and V: the group at Xavier's institute.   
Proteus Man of a thousand faces Son of Moira MacTaggart, X-Men's enemy.
Pulse Ayla of the Legion I: Foreigner's Death Squad, Augustus friend on Mystica.
Ransak Douglas Mason and Amanda Mason. The Reject, highly skilled warrior, son of Maelstrom.
Ravager   I: Grant Wilson; II: Wade Defargo; III: Rose Worth. Ranark, Alpha Flight foe, and the Ravagers of Creations, battled by the Defenders.    
Rock Micha Flint, mutated by a Lexcorp experiment. Recruited in the Superman revenge squad. Samuel J. Laroquette of the Hulkbusters.
Sandman   I: Wesley Dodds. II and III: Garrett Sanford of the Dream Dimension.
IV the Oneromancer.
Villain of the Frightful Four, member of Silver Sable's Wild Pack.
Scanner Member of Vanguard. I: member of the Spaceknights of Galador;
II: one of the Acolytes.
Scarecrow Nemesis of the Batman I: Ebenezer Laughton, Captain America foe.
II: also known as Straw Man, one of the Fear Lords and enemy of Kalumai.
Seraph Global Guardian. I, Russian agent. 
II, Reggie Bitters of the Luddites [MSHIII#14].
III, friend of Logan.
Shadow Force Like Darkstorm Shadowforce: Airborne, Ambush, Firefight, Hardtime, Mirrorshade, Oversize
Shatterfist Of the Cadre under Dr. Polaris. In Crimson Cowl's Masters of Evil.
Shockwave Arnold Pruett, former henchman of Metallo, Smitty and Rojek. Lancaster Sneed,Shang-Chi foe.
Silhouette Austrian, of the Minutemen New Warriors
I and II  I: condemned to the electric chair in the '44 [CAC#45].
II: Iron Man foe. III: Buzzsaw of the Titanic Three.
IV: Jim Crawley, Moon Knight's enemy. V: Sabretooth.
VI: Gil Jeffers, Hulk's enemy. VII: tried to kill Mary Jane Watson.
Spider-Girl Sussa Paka of the Justice League of Earth. Anya Corazon AKA Arana.
Stalker Immortal warrior who defeated the demon Dgrth. Gil Jeffers enemy of Hulk; a mutant obsessed of Wasp; Venom's enemies.   
Stealth Of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Criminal of Black Metal.
Sunspot I, beaten by Green Lantern/Gardner; II Roberto da Costa
Swashbuckler Green Arrow in disguise of Earth-Deathlok, ally of Godwulf
Tempest   I: Joshua Clay of the Doom Patrol.
II: also called Aqualad.
I,  Imperial Guard. II: of X-Force II.
III of the 
Octessence. IV: New Warriors.
Thor "Fairy Tales" Fenton Giovian who imprisoned Joe Bolton [Asto#36], Don Blake, Red Norvell, Beta Ray Bill and Masterson.

Tigra From Apokolips, mother of Orion. Greer Nelson of the Avengers.
Titania Alien of the planet Dryad, empowered by Dark Man, member of the Legion of Super-Villains I: member of the Grapplers. II: Mary "Skeeter" McPherran, empowered by Doctor Doom.
Trickster Flash foe Demon
Vanguard     Travelled through the universe to help the worlds in need. They also helped Superman and the Teen Titans. Dark Star's twin brother.
Vixen Of the Justice League of America Captain Britain's foe
Vulture Criminal vanquished by J'onn J'onnz. Also took the identities of Mister Vulture, Mister V and Faceless. Several criminals enemies of Spider-Man, and also a criminal of the old west.
White Dragon Daniel Ducannon I: Chinese scientist, Iron Man's enemy. II: Spider-Man foe.
Wildcat     Infinity Inc.
V: Tom Bronson of the JSA.
of Weapon X
Wildfire   Drake Burroghts of the JLA, and the one of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Harold Paprika, Cage's enemy
Witchfire In the Power Company, colleague of Bork and Striker-Z. In Beta Flight and before in Gamma Flight.
Wizard Hired by Colonel Future to defeat Superman vil genius of the Frightful Four.
Wrecker Old enemy of Batman Of the Wrecking Crew and old enemy of Thor, empowered by Karnilla.
Zyklon The Third Reich gave him super speed. Pawn of Hangman

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