The Wondrous WASP presents: the Marvel Universe Fires List

FIRES: yes... "fire" in the name!

  1. Ceasefire (or Phastos)
  2. Coldfire (Luke Cage's brother?, of the Corporation)
  3. Crossfire (Thing foe)
  4. Dragonfire (Zaoxing imprisoned by the Taiji Corp.)
  5. FireArm (of the Jury)
  6. Firearms (deceased in the Shadow Initiative [AveInit#27])
  7. Fireballs (Jack Farley partner of X-cutioner II)
  8. FireBird I
  9. Firebird II (or Espirita, Bonita Juarez)
  10. Firebolt (fought by Power Man and Iron Fist)
  11. Firebolt (of the Roxxon, enemy of Blue Shield)
  12. FireBrand (Iron Man foes)
  13. Fire-Breather or Fire-Eater
  14. Firebug (killed by Windshear?)
  15. Fire-Eyes (of the Five-Who-Are-All)
  16. FireFall I and III and IV (of Galador)
  17. Firefall II (of First Line)
  18. Firefist (Spider-Man foe)
  19. Firefight I (of Shadowforce)
  20. Firefight II (of the Death Squad IV)
  21. Firefly (Shroud's foe)
  22. Firefly (Power Man and Iron Fist foe)
  23. FireFox (Nick Fury foe)
  24. Firefox II (Sheila Donner)
  25. Firefrost
  26. Firehand (Tribe of the Moon)
  27. (*) Fireheart (Thomas = Puma)
  28. FireLord (Pyreus Kril)
  29. Firemane (of Force Four)
  30. FireStar (Angelica Jones, of the Avengers)
  31. FirePower (Iron Man foe)
  32. Firestone (Darren, Ginger Jaye's husband [Nova3#1])
  33. Firestrike (of Heavy Mettle)
  34. Firewall (of the Forces of the Nature)
  35. Flashfire (or Tempest the Shi'ar)
  36. FoxFire (Supreme Squadron's foe)
  37. Fuego (Children of the Vault)
  38. Goldfire (Ameiko Sabuki)
  39. Green Flames (lackeys of Manyac [MMC#4])
  40. Hellfire (of the Elementals)
  41. Midnight's Fire (of the Folding Circle)
  42. Nightfire (Daimon Hellstrom's foe)
  43. Rapidfire (Hector enemy of Cage[#11])
  44. ReignFire (Sunspot + Project 59)
  45. Soulfire (Daimon Hellstrom's enemy)
  46. SpitFire (of the Invaders)
  47. StratosFire (Iron Man enemy)
  48. SunFire (Shiro Yoshida)
  49. Wildfire (Luke Cage's foe)
  50. Watchfire (of Brute Force)
  51. WitchFire (Alpha Flight enemy)
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