The Wondrous WASP presents: the Coloured List

COLOURED: not to confuse with afro-american superbeings. Not Blacks, not Reds, but coloured with other colours.

  1. Blue Blade (the Twelve)
  2. Blue Bullet (John Goldstein, Cap and Invaders' enemy)
  3. Blue Diamond (Elton T. Morrow, Liberty Legion)
  4. Blue Marvel (also called Marvel Boy III)
  5. Bluebird (Sally Avril, Spider-Man would-be friend, deceased)
  6. Blue Eagle (Supreme Squadron, also called Captain Hawk)
  7. Blue Streak (of the SHIELD super-Agents, killed by Scourge)
  8. Blue Streak II (Jonathan Swift, [H4H2#3])
  9. Code: Blue (of the NYPD)
  10. Blue Talon (Daredevil's enemy)
  11. Blue Shield (Joseph Cartelli, head of the Project: Pegasus security)
  12. Mr. Blue (of the Rainbow Quartet, Crimson Commander and Imp enemies)
  13. Blue (of the New Mutants of the Franklin Richards' alternative past)
  14. Blue Boys (criminal gang, Spider-Man enemies)
  15. Bluebeard (Arnold Perril, who used keys with neuronic rays vs Moon Knight)
  16. Le Lumiére Bleu (Blue Light, of the Heroes of Paris)
  17. Oxford Blue (X-Statix foe)
  18. (*) Abe and Hobie Brown (of the Sons of the Tiger and Prowler I)
  1. Crimson (Ravens)
  2. Crimson (SHIELD [SheH2#16])
  3. Crimson Cavalier (of the Freedom's Five)
  4. Crimson Commando (Frank Bohannan)
  5. Crimson Commando II (of the Brotherhood of Mutants III)
  6. Crimson Daffodil (affiliated to Cloak and Dagger)
  7. Crimson Dynamo (in 6 reincarnations)
  8. Crimson Elite (from Attilan)
  9. Crimson Cowl I (Ultron in disguise)
  10. Crimson Cowl II (Justine Hammer)
  11. Crimson Ash (Daredevil's villain, deceased)
  12. Crimson Crusader (Rory Destine of the Clandestine)
  13. Crimson Hawks (like Tilda of Asgard)
  14. Crimson Pirates (X-Men enemies)
  1. Green Goblin (all 5-6 of them)
  2. (*) Green Symbiote (Carl)
  3. Casper Green
  4. Myrrdin the Green (possibly Sorcerer Supreme before the Ancient, named by Salome', possibly an alias for Merlin?)
  5. Green Flames (by the cold flames [MMC#4])
  6. Green Guardswoman (together to Basic Black)
  7. (*) Graymalkin
  8. Grey (Gamma Corps)
  9. (*) Gray Garrison (Warrant, Spider-Man foe)
  10. Grey Gargoyle (Paul Pierre Duval)
  11. Grey Crow (or Grey Raven?, Scalphunter?)
  12. Greysire (the first Werewolf, created by the Fortisquians)
  13. (*) Jean Grey (Marvel Girl of the X-Men)
  14. Orange Crusher (togheter to Skybolt)
  15. Pink Pearl (Alpha Flight's enemy)
  16. Purple Man (Zebediah Killgrave, deceased and...)
  17. Purple Girl (Purple Man's daughter, of Beta Flight, also called Persuasion)
  18. Purple Mask (Dennis Burton [DMC#3])
  19. Purple Pirate Gang (included Bluebeard [SSS#12/3])
  20. Scarlet Scarab I and II
  21. Scarlet Centurion
  22. Scarlet Witch
  23. Scarlet Beetle (the giant bug Ant-Man's enemy)
  24. Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly, Peter Parker's clone)
  25. (*) Violet Symbiote (Leslie)
  1. Bianca LaNiege (Bianca=White, LaNiege=Snow)
  2. White Shadow (/Black Shadow)
  3. White Fang (Elizabeth Bondi wife of Eric [Hood#2])
  4. White King, Queen and Bishpo and pawns of the Hellfire Club
  5. White Death (Manuel Perez [CAC#9])
  6. White Dragon I (Iron Man's villain)
  7. White Dragon II (Spider-Man's enemy)
  8. White Light (generated by Oblivion, fought by Iceman[#1])
  9. White Lightnin' (Clovis Maines [DPoolIV#22])
  10. White Tiger I (Hector Ayala)
  11. White Tiger II (of Heroes for Hire)
  12. Whiteout (of the Savage Land's Mutates)
  13. White Raven
  14. White Avenger (of the Supermascists)
  15. Skinhead, the White Redemptor (Eddie Cross, Spider-Man villain)
  16. White Noise (Deathbird's daughter)
  17. White Bird (Amara)
  18. White Wolf (Hunter, Wakandan, man of T'Chaka and T'Challa)
  19. White Tiger III (Kevin "Casper" Cole)
  20. (*) Jack White (mutant with photographic memory, Xavier's friend)
  21. (*) Michael Whitecloud (who discovered the Project Stepladder)
  1. Yellow Claw (Captain Elliot, Nazi spy eemy of Cap [CAC#14])
  2. Yellow Claw
  3. Yellow Claw (ninja imposters fought by Iron Fist imposter)
  4. Yellowjacket I (Henry Pym)
  5. Yellowjacket II (Rita DeMara, of the Masters of Evil, deceased)
  6. (*) Yellow Symbiote (Donna)

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