The Wondrous WASP presents: the Blacks List

BLACKS: Blacks! Non colured, non afro-american, non dark... blacks!

  1. Black Knight(s)  (Sir Percy of Scandia, Eobar Garrington, Dane Whitman)
  2. Black Knight III (Nathan Garret of the Masters of Evil)
  3. Black Widow II   (Natasha Romanoff)
  4. Black Bolt       (Blackagar Boltagon)
  5. Black Panther    (T'Chaka, T'Challa, ...)
  6. Blacksun         (Thomas Lightner and his father)
  7. Black Crow
  8. Black Goliath    (Bill Foster)
  9. Black Cat        (Felicia Hardy)
  1. The Black Kings, Queens, Bishops and Rooks of Hellfire Club of New York
  2. The Black Kings, Queens, Bishops and Rooks of Hellfire Club of London
  3. Black Messiah (Daredevil villain)
  4. (*) Black Spectre (of Mandrillo and Nekra)
  5. Black Spectre (Carson Knowles, Moon Knight enemy)
  6. Blackhearth (Satana's son)
  7. Black Talon(s) (Desmond Drew and Samuel David Barone)
  8. Blackout I (Marcus Daniels, of the Masters of Evil)
  9. Blackout II (Ghost Rider enemy, of the Lilin)
  1. (*) Black Tom Cassidy (partner of the Juggernaut)
  2. Blacklash  (formerly Whiplash)
  3. Black Razer (Desert Sword)
  4. Black Racer (Serpents' Society)
  5. Black Lama (Iron Man villain)
  6. BlackWulf N and N+1 and N+2 (Armechadons' , Pelops and Lord Lucian)
  7. Black Jack Tarr
  8. Black Mamba (Serpents' Society)
  9. (*) Blackbird (it is an airplane when it isn't in the fables)
  1. (*) Black Talon (She-Hulk's enemies)
  2. Black Plunder (Joshua Stragg)
  3. (*) Cyrus Black (Doctor Strange's enemy)
  4. Black Light (Deathbird's son, of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard Royal Elite)
  5. Black Eagle (Danielle Moonstar's father)
  6. Black Shadow (/White Shadow)
  7. Black Archer (ex Golden Archer of the Squadron Supreme)
  8. Blackbird (ex Jackdaw, of the Superia's Femizons)
  9. Black Tarantula (the criminal boss)
  1. The Black Knights of the Universal Church of Truth
  2. Black Fox (cat burglar)
  3. Black Angel (Thena and Kro's sons)
  4. Black Metal (of S&M)
  5. (*) Black Air (the organization that followed ISA)
  6. Black Beast (Hank McCoy of the Apocalypse Era)
  7. Black Brigade (russian mercenary in armor)
  8. Black Marvel (Dan Lyons, hero of the 40ies)
  9. Black Lotus (of the Superia's Femizons)
  1. Blackwing I (Joseph Silvermane)
  2. Blackwing II (of Heavy Mettle)
  3. Black Fox I (Robert Paine of First Line)
  4. Blackjack (of First Line)
  5. Jet-Black (the cyborg of the Rising Sons)
  6. Black Legion (of the Lilin)
  7. Black Death (Ivan Kivelki, enemy of the X-Men)
  8. Black Axe (who fought Mefisto and Sunfire)
  9. Black Widow III (Yelena Belova)
  1. Tech-noir    (of Omega Flight II)
  2. Black Mariah (Luke Cage's villain)
  3. Black Thorn
  4. Blackbyrd    (Nathaniel Alexander Byrd, detective ex-cop)
  5. Blacksmith   (with the super-smashing hammer, Moon Knight's enemy)
  6. (*) Black Jamie Macawber (hunter of the Monster of Loch Ness)
  7. Black Swan   (killed the Four Winds, enemy of Deadpool)
  8. Black Hole   (of the Band of the Bland, enemy on Howard the Duck and She- Hulk)
  9. Black Toad   (enemy of Captain America and Bucky)
  1. El Toro Negro (Joystick's enemy in the Big Game)
  2. Black Roger (monarch of the Mysterious Planet, Heather's lover)
  3. Blackbody (enemy of the Silver Surfers)
  4. Black Patch (Isbisa's Lackey in the 40ies)
  5. Blackheath (other alias of Plantman/Sam Smithers)
  6. (*) Mr Blackshear (of the Mafia, met by X-Force II at Minerva, Ohio)
  7. Black Musketeers (Thanaka, Joshua M'Tobo and other T'Challa cousins)
  8. Black Abbot (Spider-Man and Human Torch foe)
  9. The Black Ninja (Eric Slaughter, in one of his schizofrenic incarnations)
  10. (*) Carmilla Black (The Scorpion II)


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