The Wondrous WASP presents: the ...and Letters List of the Marvel Universe

...AND LETTERS (258 with a BIG letter on the chest or a VERY BIG letter on the belt or the brow):


Captain America, Steve Rogers and a lot of other successors. Apocalypse, the Egyptian, X-ternal, Celestial-empowered mutant. A.I.M. scientist, in some of their early white suits.

Avalanche, of the Brotherhood of the Evil Mutants V and Freedom Force. The Angler, Kayla Ballantine and Quasar's foe created by the Geometer. Atlas, Erik Josten of the Thunderbolts.

Arsenal II, Moon Knight's foe. Team America, Honcho, Lobo and Reddy, later known as the Thunderriders. Armory, of the Initiative.


Secret Avengers, some uniforms. The Avengers Crew, on the suit of some members like Peggy Carter and Michael O'Brien. Ace, partner of Jacquie in G.R.A.M.P.A.

Angelic Death, of the Vulture's flight, on the shoulder [ASM#674]. Ms. America Chavez, of the Teen Brigade, on the back of her jeans. The Attending, from Weapon X Hero Factory, then became Ajax.


Boomerang, Fred Myers in his original costume. Buckys of the Bold Urban Commando, Super-Patriot's pals Lemar Hoskins, Ethan and Jerome. Barricade, from Azania, of the Supermascists. Black Panther's foes. Beyonder, on the costume used as Wrestler [Thi#30].


Big Bertha, of the Great Lake Avengers. Boulder/Butterball, of the Initiative. Captain Brazil, of the All-Captains Squad. Blue Blade, on the hat and on the belt [TTw#9].


Crimorto, the Crime Dictaror. Cap's foe [CAC#47]. Copperhead, enemy of Daredevil [#125]. Comanche, Luke Cage foe. He always is with his partner Shades. Crimson Crusader, of Clan Destine and also his clone created by Alpha.


Cannonball II, Guthrie of the X-Men. Charcoal, Charlie Burlingame of the Thunderbolts. Captain Canada, of the All-Captains Squad, with Captain America and Captain Brazil, too. Comet Man, Stephen Beckley of the Initiative.

Comte de Nuit, French Superhero of Les Heroes de Paris. Cyclone II, of the Masters of Evil VII.



Dynaman, Lagaro or the sunken land of Korug, at the time of the Pharaoh Khufor. Daredevil(s), Matt Murdock, the original, and T'Challa, his friend. Demolition Man. Dennis Dunphy, Captain America's friend, and an Avenger too. D-mon or Demolition Man Doppleganger. Created by Magus to kill the original D-Man.


Dakini. Hydra operative [DD@#7]. Doctor Doom and his Doombots. When he invaded Wakanda; when the Doombots were on Franklin's Counter-earth.
The Dynamic Deadpool. One of Deadpool's personality aspects created by T-Ray


Espionage Elite I, Spymaster's operatives [IM#33]. (*) Endotherm, Tom Wilkins, of the Stark International London branch, suffering from paranoid schizofrenia. Everyman, enemy of Captain America.


Effigy, Velmax, Skrull deviant of First Line. Ethan Edwards, Skrull, friend of Peter Parker.



Forbush Man, Irving Forbush.  Freedom Force. Only on Blob and Pyro's uniforms. Force, Iron Man's foe and ally.

Forbush Man

Foreigner, Spider-Man's foe and Silver Sable's ex-husband. Flag-Smasher, Captain America enemy. Flatman, of the Great Lakes Avengers. He remembers me Mister Fantastic, doesn't he?

Flag-Smasher Flatman

Foxfire, enemy of the Supreme Squadron. Miss Fantastic, Susan Storm from the warped reality created by the Omphalos. Frightful Four's trainees, like Deadpool, Taskmaster and Constrictor.


Fight-Man, Frank Bigelow from Delta City, invulnerable super-guy met by Agent X.


Galactus, on the "armor" he used when he met the Fantastic Four for the first time. Giant-Man, Bill Foster, when working to Stark Enterprises West and Project: Pegasus. Gene, on the  uniform of Damage Control. It had also a cape! The General, one of the deadliest foes of Sentry, and also an old enemy of the X-Men.


Hawkeye, Clint Barton, the Avenger, and Ben Pondexter, the Dark Avenger. Hammerhead, of the Triumvirate of Terror. Hydra. Hydra's soldiers, El Jaguar, Jackhammer, Section leaders and Supreme Hydra. Hercules, Olympian and Avenger, on the chest and the belt.


Heimdall, in the belt and on the chest, when was defeated by Hulk. The High Evolutionary, in one of his outfits [H4H#15]. Hatemonger, Adolf Hitler's clone, his soldiers and Man-Beast. Haywire, of the Squadron Supreme.

Captain Hero, the Super Skrull. Hitmaker. Orlando Sinclair Hindsight Lad. Carlton Lafroyge of the New Warriors. Human Torch. Jim Hammond of the Invaders and the New Invaders.

Captain Hero Hindsight Lad

Heimdall, on his big shield. Departmen H, men during Fear Itself [AF#2]. Hardball II, of the Initiative. He likes Komodo. HAMMER's AIM scientists, [Ave4#22].


Church of Humanity, enemies of the mutants and of the X-Men. Hellfang, semifinalist to "Who wants to be a Thunderbolt?".


Mr. Immortal, of the Great Lake Avengers. After he dies, he lives again. Inquisition, their gnostic tortures unlocked an unused part of Redshirt's brain. Impossible Man, in his Super-appearance when in business with Arcade.


Jackdaw I. Elf, Captain Britain's pal, deceased, killed by the Fury in the "warped" Universe.


Komodo. Of the Initiative. She stole Doc Connors' Lizard formula. Topeka, as one of the Kansas' Harvesters [MZS#2]. 


Luminals. Crater, Discharge, Faze, Impact and Cynosure (Saen) and Cynosure (Lena), Jarhead, Massdriver, Mendez, Brightstorm nor Toxin and many others. Guardians of the Galaxy's allies. 


Marvel Boy, Martin Simons Burns of the Golden Age. Mandarin, Iron Man foe. (*)Major Mercury,when Makkari was associated to First Line.

Major Mercury

Mimic, of the X-Men. Moses Magnum, X-Men enemy. Lady Mandarin, Betsy Braddock in the body of Kwannon.

Lady Mandarin

Mindwave, killed by Scourge, revived by Hood. Mesmero, enemy of the X-Men. Molecule Man, when he wore the huge helmet.

Monotony Man, Iron Man's foe. Mister Mayhem, leader of the Mayhem Organization, Team America foe. Mister Mind, of the Mayhem Organization.

Monotony Man  

Master Menace, the Supreme Squadron's greatest enemy. Miss Marvel, Sharon Ventura, in both her costumes. Megatak, Gregory Nettles, Thor foe. Also killed by Scourge.


Mysteria, of the Superia's Femizons. Franklin Richards, from the Days of a Future Past, marked as a Mutant. He also created an entire New Mutants X-marked team. Mauler, Brendan Doyle, on one of Roxxon's new suits.

Magneto, during his phase of redemption. Genoshan Mutates, marked like Syth. Captain Manhattan, of the New Universe.

Micromax, Scott Wright of Excalibur. Mutants, marked, from Earth-Bishop of 50 years in the future. Meteorite II, Valerie Barnhardt of the Redeemers.



Mr. Lawson, AKA Terrordomo, in his suit of the Magnum Munitions [DLok#11]. House of M's SHIELD mutant agents. Meggan, in the green-black suit.

Momenta, of the Speedster's Union with Whiz Kid and Zig-Zag. M Squad, Doctor Shiner, George and the others were in search for mutants. Madrox the Multiple Man. M as Madrox? Multiple? Man? No, Mutant!

Mentallo, Marvin Flumm, from the Secret War suit. Magnetic Man, invented the magnetic gloves.  M.O.D.O.K., when he was Erie's superhero

Blue Marvel, enemy of Anti-Man. Medusa, in the costume from the War of Kings. Mockingbird, on the chest and after on the belt.

Man-Mountain Marko, on the back of his jacket when he worked for HAMMER.


Nefaria, Count Luchino, on his belt. Nightcrawler's N-Men. They had a big N on the belt! They were most of Gatecrasher's Technet. Nomad II, Jack Monroe.

Nonstop, of Nevada's Heavy Hitters. Nightmare, when he invaded the Fictionverse. Namora, of Agents of A.T.L.A.S., on her belt.


O.N.E. on the back of their uniforms. The Order, not the Champions, the Initiative of California, but only some of them.



Prisoners of Torgo, the Prison Planet, like Brock, they became space raiders and were deceived by Zenogg and defeated by the "dwarves" of Quo. Piledriver I, of the Triumvirate of Terror, with Hammerhead and Piledriver. Puppet Master, when controlled the Hulk. Puck, Judd Winick of Alpha Flight.

The Preserver. Menaced Jameson and Koch [ASM#290]. Pip the Troll. In one of his "coloured" costumes during the "Infinity Watching". Pseudoman. Enemy of She-Hulk. Purity. Organization against the mutants. 


The Resistants. All them: Crucible, Meteorite, Mist Mistress, Occult, Paralyzer, Quill, Rust, Think-Tank.  (*) Redstone. Enemy of the Supreme Squadron. Rage. When his granny was killed [NWar#38]. Ricochet. Johnny Gallo of the Slingers and the Loners, on the chest and on the arm.



Sub-Mariner. When he saved the gold on Capt. Saunders' ship [BloP#17]. Spymaster I. Iron Man's enemy, master of the Espionage Elite. SHIELD flying agents [DD#120]. Sandu, allied to Loki against Thor.

Silver Sable's Wild Pack: Battlestar, Quentino, Chen, Crippler, Powell. And Man-Eater, too. Shades. Partner of Comanche. Shockwave. Lancaster Sneed, Shang-Chi foe. Sentry. Robert Reynolds. He is also Void.

Blue Streak. Dan Thomas, killed by Scourge, and Jonathan Swift. Sandman. When he worked for Next Wave [SSable#11]. Silence. Partner of Dust, enemies of Dazzler [Daz#42]. Sentress. Carol Danvers of an alternate reality [TAotS#6].


Simple Simon. Spider-Man foe. She-Hulk, in the Mighty Avengers with "Falcap".



Thunderfist, of the Crusaders. Thunderboot, of the Triumvirate of Terror. Terminizer(*). Luis Gutierrez. Hawkeye character (only on the cover). Terrax. Tyros, Herald of Galactus.


The Thunderiders, Honcho, Red, Sharon and the others. Thunderstrike. Right on the top of the hammer. The Human Torch. Jim Hammond of the New Invaders. Texas Twister, of SHIELD and Rangers.

  Texas Twister

Titania, Mary "Skeeter" McPherran. Coal Tiger, a T'Challa coming from and alternate timeline. Tomorrow Man, Zarrko from the future. Trauma II, Terrence Ward of the Initiative.

Titania, Mary "Skeeter" McPherran Coal Tiger Zarrko, the Tomorrow Man Trauma, Terrence Ward

Thunderclap, almost killed Bantam.


U-Man. Atlantean criminal, enemy of Namor and ally of the Nazi WWII army. Captain Ultra. Griffin Gogol, on his first costume. Ultragirl. Suzana Lauren Sherman, on the belt and the gloves.

Ultimatum. Terrorists led by Flag-Smasher. Uber Machine. Enemy of Hammerhead and Spider-Man.


Val-Larr, who wields the Solar Sword. Iron Man's ally of the Dark dimension. Vision I, Aarkus, extra-dimensional being. Enemy and ally of the Invaders, protector of the cosmic cube, pawn of D'Spayre. Victory Boys, Maxie and his others four companions. They even defeated Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito battling them in the Black Forest. They also have letters on the chest: G, K, M(axie), V and W.


Vixen's men. Of the Crooked Universe. Slaymaster. When he brutalized Betsy Braddock. Victorius, Victor, enemy of Ka-Zar and Captain America and the Thing.


Voortrekker. Of the Azanian Supremascists. Vavavoom, Dawn Middlebury, one of the new Grapplers ' Vores. Goat, Bull, Pig and Wolf. Protection racketeers in San Juan. Defeated by Rick Jones.

Voortrekker Vavavoom

The Master of Vengeance. Spider-Man's foe. Voice. Jason Lorne Cragg, affiliated to the Skeleton Crew. Citizen V(s) and the V Battalion.

Videoman. Spider-Man, Firestar and Ice-Man foe. Vector. Utrecht of the U-Foes, Hulk foes. Vulturians, Spider-Man enemies: Honcho, Gripes, Sugar Face and Pigeon.


Virtuous. Ethan Edwards, Skrull. Vice Agent. He took half of Turk's incomes [DD#351].  Vision II, when battled the Harbinger of Apocalypse [Cable#66].


Velocity, of the Young X-Men, and not only one V on the chest. Brother Voodoo, Jericho Drumm.


Whizzer(s), Robert L. Frank of the Invaders, Stanley Stewart of the Supreme Squadron, the clone created by Arnim Zola and the zombie-clone. Captain Wings, of the Crusaders. White Wolf, Hunter. T'Challa's brother-in-law. Wasp. Janet Van Dyne, the wondrous Wasp.

  Captain Wings Wasp. Janet Van Dyne, the wondrous Wasp.

Wonder-Man, the ionic Avenger. Wargod, Mona Hagen. Captain America's foe. King Winter, Spider-Man foe. Walrus, powerful partner of the White Rabbit.


New Wave(rs), created by Dust and Silence. Wardog, leader of the Special Executive. Warlock, of the New Mutants, in one of his transformations. White Avenger, of the Supremascists.

Warlock of the New Mutants

Wolverine, in the alternate reality in which he was Heather Hudson (white Sasquatch)'s husband. Wondra, Jubilation Lee in the New Warriors.


X-Men. In many of their costumes. Mr. X, wrestler Ray Deacon who killed Jumping Jack Flash and was captured by Captain America.

X-Factor, Angel, Beast, Ice-Man, Cyclops and Marvel Girl, and X-Factor II, Havok, Polaris, Jaimie Madrox, Quicksilver, Strong Guy and the others. X-Force II. Cable, Boob-Boom, Caliban and Sunspot, and also Rictor and Jessie "Bedlam" Aaronson during Wisdom's leadership.


Generation-X, after Adrienne's Frost affiliation to the school. (*) FanatiX, Razorback, form Earth-Bishop.

X-Force III, Battering Ram, Doop, Gin Genie, La Nuit, Plazm, Sluk, U-Go-Girl, Zeitgeist, Anarchist, Bloke, Orphan, Phat, St. Anna, Vivisector, The Spike, Dead Girl, "the Masked Mutant," "Red Foxx," "The Visor". X-Statix, Anarchist, Dead-Girl, Doop, El Guapo, Henrietta, Orphan, Phat, Sant'Anna, U-go Girl, Venus Dee Milo, Vivisector, and many others. Once called X-Force III.


New X-Men, Anole, Elixir, Hellion, Icarus, Match, Mercury, Pixie, Prodigy, Rockslide, Surge, Wind Dancer, Wolfcub and many others. X-Man, Nate Grey when was captured by Stryfe [Cable#63].


Dark X-men, the White? Queen, Angel, Namor, Wolverine, Cloak and Dagger. X-Humed, raised by Black Talon: Black Bishop, Changeling, the Living Diamond and Scaleface.


Cyclops, Colossus, Marvel Girl and many others.
Agent X, Alex Hayden, with the body of Nijo and some powers from Deadpool and Black Swan.


Young X-Men
: Anole, Dust, Graymalking with Cipher, Ink and Rockslide

X-Factor III: only Monet and Wolfsbane.



Yashonka's soldiers, like Kuro Chin.  Young Watchers, created by Stoneface, twisted by Miller, uncovered by Falcon and Spider-Man, helped by Jim Wilson. Weapon Y, defeated by Turbo while threatening Nicieza [NWar@#3].

The Gang of Yancy Street, that hacked Darla Deering's smartphne: Douglas Ray, Jason Carter, Carlos Hernandez [FF2#6].


The scouts from the Dimension Z, ready to conquer Earth from Siberia.
One-Man Zodiac. On the belt when took the form of Leo. Zaladane. Zala Dane of the Savage Land. X-Men foe.


Captain Zero. Spider-Man ally.
Zig-Zag, speedster hired by GLHK alongside Momenta and Whiz Kid. Zemo's Masters of Evil, with the Constrictor, Daimon Hellstrom and Whitney Frost.

Captain Zero

Captain Zoland, and other mutates of Zola from the Dimension Z [CAP7#23].


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