The Wondrous WASP presents: the Letters List of the DC Universe

LETTERS (261 with a BIG letter on the chest or on the brow or else): A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O-P-Q-R-S-T-U-V-W-X-Y-Z 


Amazing Man(s), Will Everett and Will Everett III and Markus Clay. Aquaman, of the JLA. Aqualad, Aquaman's pal and one of the Teen Titans. Air Wave(s). Lawrence Jordan, his wife, Helen Jordan, and their son, Harold Jordan


Ace(s), of the Royal Flush Gang. Amazo. Powerful android, enemy of the JLA, built by Professor Ivo. Argon. Henchman of Mr. Element, Flash foe. Mister Alpha. Fred Kincaid, friend of Barry Allen, captured by the JSA.


Animal Man. Buddy Baker. Also called A-Man. Alpha the Experimental Man. Android created by Dr. Burgos of Earth-2. Anarky. Batman foe. Doctor Alchemy, one of the criminal personalities of Al Desmond, like Mr. Element [Sho#14].


Anima. Courtney Mason of the Teen Titans, killed by Prometheus.


Black Rogue, Felix Dunn, fan of Black Knight. Brother Blood, and many of his followers, enemies of the Teen Titans. Byte and Bug: Blythe and Bernard Bonner. Byte was killed by Deathstroke. Bloodrage, defeated Animal Man.


Captain Carrot. Ally of Captain Marvel Bunny. Colonel Future. Edmond Hamilton and his followers, on the hat and the chest. Catman. Batman and Robin foe from the Hostes Cup Cakes' advertisings. Comet Queen. In the Legion.

The Conglomerate. Booster's Gold group of super-heroes, Echo, Maxi-Man, Praxis, Reverb and Vapor. Champion. Chronos II. Gabriel Walker is not Galactus' herald. He built Chronopolis.



Per Degaton, and his mobsters. The Doom Patrol, actually only Elasti-Girl on her belt [SO#1]. Deadman. Boston Brand.


Doctor Diehard. Of the Extremists from another dimension and his duplicate robot. The Demolition Team: Hardhat, Jackhammer, Rosie the Riveter, Scoopshovel, Steamroller; met by Green Lantern [2#178] Dynamind. Johnny Webber, Superboy foe.


Dagger, David Rennington, defeated by Batman. Darkstorm, of Shadow-Force, enemies of Monaghan.


Elongated Man. Ralph Dibny. Elasti-Man. Antimatter universe. Everyman. Hannibal Bates, spy for Lex Luthor. Element Lad. Of the Legion of Super-Heroes and also the Joker. Everywhere Man. A duplicate of John Marlowe.


Fututurio and Futurio XX. Clones of Overlord. Major Force. Cliffor Zmeck, whose energy body is encased in an alien metal. Reckless murderer, was defeated by Guy Gardner and Kyle Ranier and Captain Atom.


Geoforce, Brion Markov, founder of the Outsiders. The Flying Graysons II. Greystone with Sharon and Linda Gray. Green Arrow, Oliver Queen, on the belt. Green Lantern? Or Guy Gardner.

Girth.  The Gang. Brains, Ms. Mesmer, etc. Gecko. He can stick to walls. Gorilla Grodd, when captured Black Canary.

Granny Goodness. Cruel trainer of the children taken from Armagetto.


Hybrid, the group created by Mento to kill the Teen Titans: Gorgon the Terrible, Horrible Harpy, Pteradon, Behemot, Touch'n'Go, Prometheus and Scirocco Herald, met the Teen Titans. Huntress, form Earth-2, on the belt.

Man-Hunters, created by the Oans, substituted by the Green Lantern Corps. Also Manhunter Lud of the Robot Renegades. Hard Drive, telekinetik and telepath. Heatwave, Mick Rory, enemy of the Flash.


Invisible Lad. Of the Legionnaires [#31]. INTERC.E.P.T. adversaries of Event Horizon: Beta Tos, Ephyra of the Ultramarines, Kindred Grim, Strata and Twelfth Kinght.



Jor-El II, son of Superman and twin brother of Kal-El II. Judomaster II. Helped the Justice League defeating Andreas Havoc. Jayna, and her brother Zan are the Wonder Twins!!!


Kator, robot built by Superboy, and Carl Draper. Kal-El II, son of Superman and twin brother of Jor-El II. Krypton, Mr. Element henchman like Xenon [Sho#13].

The Kryptic Order: Atom, Batman(s), Flash, Green Lantern, Hawk Woman, Metamorpho, Plastic Man, Superman, Wonder Woman and Bart Allen, used invisibility disks. Manga Khan, alien warlord and conqueror, enemy of the Justice League.



Lead. One of the Metal Men of Doc Magnus.  The Legion of Super Heroes, on the jackets and the belts like Andromeda, Brainiac 5, Catspaw, Chameleon Boy, Colossal Boy, Composite Man II, Computo II, Cosmic Boy, Dragonmage, Dreamer, Gates, Impulse, Inferno, Invisible Kid, Karate Kid I, Kid Quantum, Kinetix, Lightning Lass, Magno II, Monstress, Neon, Saturn Girl, Shikari, Shrinking Violet, Thunder II, Triplicate Girl, Ultra, XS, Wildfire.


Lex Luthor. On the exoskeleton powered armor suit. 


Mars, from Olympus, God of War. Multiman, Wonder Woman's foe. 'Mazing Man. Metamorpho. Rex Mason, of the Outsiders and Doom Patrol. (*)Dynamind.


Master Villain, alien,  impersonated a fictional character created by Barney Sands. Mister Miracle II and III: Scott Free and Shilo. Menagerie Man, can control any animal. Major Macabre, criminal active in South America. Metron, rides the Moebius chair.



Microwave Man. Superman foe, powered by aliens. Marine Marauder I and II. Marlene Simmonds and her brother. Molder, evil personality of Ralph Dibny. Maxi-Man. Henry Hayes. The Masquerader. He snared Batman[#390].



Macroman. Animated by Doctor Bedlam and beaten by Captain Marvel [Leg#1]. Mighty Girl, Barbara Gordon with a big M-shaped cloak.
M??? . (*)Maximum Force. Max Lord in one of his dreams. Mammuth, Baran Flinders, Brotherhood of Evil.


Maxi-Man II. Matrix II. Sierra of Infinity Inc. Major Force, when maimed and killed Major Victory. Major Victory III. Created by S.H.A.D.E, killed by Major Force. Metaman. Buck Samson, fought Michael Payson Maxwell.


Manbot the Mighty. Tin Man transformed by Bobby Reed's "dial H for H.E.R.O". Maximum. Maxwell Williams, of the Supermen of America. M'onel. Valor. Lar Gand, Daxamite of LEGION. Mortalla. Brought Apokolips to orbit around Earth. Mainline.


Neon the Unknown, Thomas Corbett of the Freedom Fighters in 1941.
Nightmaster, of Primal Force


Orion. Son of Darkseid raised by Izaya Overmaster. Founder of the Cadre, on the brow and on the knees. Omomatopoeia. Serial killer of superhuman vigilantes, wounded Connor Hawke.


Phantom Girl. Of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Porcupine Pete, Peter Dursin of the Legion of Substitute Hereos. Dr. Psycho, the Star-spawned Krell. Mid-controlled Sgt. Rock to attack Wonder Woman. Platinum, of the Metal Men.

The Purple Purposeless, he did not help Shyleen. Power Girl, Karen Starr, Supergirl from Earth-2, Helena Wayne's best friend.


Qayin's terrorists. Batman and Ra's al Ghul's enemies. Quake. Quakemaster. Jessie Quick. Daughter of Johnny Quick.


Robin(s). Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake and Helena Wayne from Earth-2. Radon, one of Mr. Element's henchmen. Red Mask. Affiliated to The Veil, enemies of Captain Triumph.


Superman. Kal-El, Kal-L from Earth-2, Lex-El and the impostors [Sup#225, JLA#188]. Superboy. Kal-El and Conner Kent. Supergirl. The magic creation. Kara-El from Krypton and the Earth-2 counterpart who became Power Girl.



Superwoman, from Terra-2 of the Injustice League. Sportmaster. "Crusher" Crock, of the Injustice Society. Supro I and II. On the execution planet Morgu.


Super-Hero. Barry Allen's disguise for defeating Master Villain. S.T.R.I.P.E., Pat Dugan, also known as Stripesy. Steel III and IV. John Henry Irons and his niece Natasha.


Shakedown, strongman of the Masters of Disaster. Stretch. Thomas Longacre. Superman Revenge Squad. Tried to kill Superman and Batman [WFC#175].



The Super Twins: Supergirl Red and Supergirl Blue, daughters of Knightwing. Stinkbug. A candidate for the Conglomerate. Speedy. When destroyed Ra's Al Gul floating island.



Mrs. Superman, Dana, killed by magic [AoS#574]. Sizzle. Teela Spuunvll, reservist of the Legion of Super Heroes. Sunspot II.


The League of the Supermen, Doomsday saved Superman and defeated Gog. Mr. Spectre. Tried to kill Superman, duped by La Encantadora. Starfinger. Char Burrane of the Legion of Superheroes.


X s, Dawn Allen, daughter of Flash II, with a big "S" on the chest.
Subject 1. A captive Kryptonian in the Flashpoint reality.


Red Tornado. Android built by T.O. Morrow, and its duplicates, too [JLA#192]. Tharka. Alien super-woman. Team turmoil. Like Miasma, Rumble and Wildside.


Talon. Owlman's pal form Earth-3 in the Injustice League and after in the Teen Titans. Tasmanian Devil. Once part of the JLI. Mr. Terrific. He cannot be seen, heard or recorded by machines.

(*) Trickster. On his special car, defeated by Kid Flash. Triumph. William MacIntyre, founder member of the Justice League.. Tomorrow Woman. Created by Morgain Le Fay, Konvikt and Riddler in their "Trinity" universe.


Ultraman. From Terra-2, member of the Injustice League. Ultraa. Alien raised by aborigens of Earth-Prime, pursued by Maxitron [JLA#153]. Underhand


The Vortex. Harry Porgus' brother and Supergirl foe [AC#414]. Vibrex, fought the Legion of Super-heroes. (*) Commander Video. A creation of General Electric, enemy of Sandman and Wonder Woman. Vigilante(s). Patricia and Dorian Chase, and others, too.     


Velvet Tiger. On the chest and on the boots. Lani Gilbert of Gotham. Vibe. Paco Ramone, once of the JLA[@#2]. Vanquisher, Van Vanucci got superpowers from Jock Verner. The Son of Vulcan I, on the chest and the shield, II, Miguel Devante, also one of the Teen Titans.

Voice-Over, Andrew Greenwald. Viridium, Doc Magnus.


Wonder Woman, first pencilled by Colan. Princess Diana and Artemis, also the imposter pawn of Proteus [JLA#188]. Wonder Girl II, Cassie Sandsmark. The Warlock of Ys, from Qward. Enemy of Hawkman. Witchboy. During the events of Infinite Crisis.


Wrecker. Dwight Forrow, Batman foe. Captain Wonder , super-powered Steve Trevor. War-Kohns, like their leader Karvas-Kun [JLA#211]. Quantum Queen, as one of the Wanderers of the 30th century.


Windfall. I and II, Wendy Jones originally of the Masters of Disaster. Brainwave Jr.



Captain X. Richard "Buck" Dare, aviator of "The Group".
N.R.G. X, who fought Superman.
Hero X. Citizen X, of the Crusaders.




The Zinger Band, criminals; they used Zinger guns, Flash foes. Zatanna, on the earrings [JLA@#3]. Member of the Justice League. Striker Z, Daniel Tsang is a stuntman. Zan, with her sister Jayna are the Wonder Twins!!!

General Zod, Kryptonian, Jor-El and Kal-El's enemy.


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